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Give me something, a code snippet, a screenshot.
I’m desperate… :’(

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OMG it’s never enough with you addicts. :wink:

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The CM who, a few days ago, said: “Those are some of the coolest conversations I think I’ve personally had about the project with the Classic team. As a fanboy I honestly get a little giddy about them.” was fired, alongside with 799 other people, yesterday.
So yeah…


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Shogath is our forum-pet - sure he piss on the floor, but damn its cute when he plays with his bowl. :wink:

Killerduki just pissed on the floor…and keyboard

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Considering the ‘addicts’ was jokingly (lookup meaning of a winking smiley) referring to someone craving even more news while they just had some i wonder what the heck you are talking about. :thinking:

Also, look up the word “irony” … seriously. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just wait till you find out what i did on your pillow. :smirk:


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(Shogath) #8

In spite of your excellent fieldwork you still have to explain the relation between jokingly calling someone an ‘addict’ for craving even more news while he/she just had some and your weird notion of me climbing into “almost every thread daily to cause drama”.

You seem so angry all the time. :disappointed_relieved:


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Look, Shogath’s joke flew way over your head. Just let it go man… Stop fighting it.


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Indeed. And what do you do?

Feeding him.

Just take a beer, man :slight_smile:

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The bait is strong in this one!


is this srs?

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Activision-Blizzard just laid off 8% of their staff, mainly CMs, GMs and e-sport personnel, after record earnings.
But their CEO is sitting on a phat $40M for 2018 though, so they shouldn’t complain.

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