More hints that the Shadowlands leak may be truer


I usualy think of theese, leaks that some parts might be true but not everything,


And now there is a Belluar-video validating the “leak”… I guess this is the leak of choice now. Urgs.


Or maybe it’s just Bellular getting views like any youtuber does.


Of course. It hasn’t become more probable with this. But it will become even more popular.

(Brigante) #25

That’s pretty solid fake material there. but I guess if a streamer agrees with it…then…it ….must be true…right?

I could see a Shadowlands expansion being interesting, if Blizzard did it properly, but I do no have faith in them doing it properly. If it was exploring the nature of Death, and what it means to the various species we play, and what comes -next-, then possibly, if it was a jaunt through the sort of places a sixth form student who has listened to too much Sisters of Mercy, draws pictures of women with daggers in their eyes and has Sylvanas and Nathanos as our Tour Guides would envisage then hells no, That’s awful.
Streamers would probably love it. “OMG Look, Sylvanas was right all along! What a Surprise!”

Said No One. Apart from the terminally needy, desperate for views/cash.


I agree that BfA didn’t make much sense until now.
But my biggest problem with the leak is that we actually die. And that some ‘teleporter’ machine can get us back to the word of the living. It would completely destroy the lore. Not only could we use this machine to bring back lore charas like Cairne, Garrosh, or Tirion. It would also mean that death wouldn’t exist in Azeroth anymore for the Horde, Alliance, and their allies.


Just try to imagine this stuff from an RP perspective… You are in Stormwind. Your King has somehow, after just losing most of his fleet, decided to bring most of his army to Thunder Bluff of all places. To… defend the Tauren… leaving Stormwind with minimal defenses…

Next comes Sylvanas… who had lost most of her fleet as well, but somehow seems to manage to get an invasion force to Stormwind, although her fleets should be done for as well. She conques the city in record time, just because. I guess as a civilian you’re dead or hidden now?

Then comes the counterattack… King Anduin has… brought Tauren, Orcs, and all their Horde friends with him… to free Stormwind. Wait… whut? They fight their merry way through the city, trashing what hasn’t been trashed before… and suddenly… THE FRICKIN’ SCOURGE APPEARS AND JOINS IN AS WELL!

After the dust settles and the Light left you alive and with stinky pants… EVERYONE IS DEAD. All of them. The Horde leaders, the Alliance leaders, their troops. Enough Corpses to build a city of bones. Your government is gone. So is everyone else’s. Damn…

A few day later everyone comes back and tells you they have a teleporter that can bring back the dead now. Would you hurry with getting their corpses away? They really smell, and you don’t want Anduin to see his own smelly corpse, do you?

I am sure there are people in the writing team that would call that :poop: epic. I am not like those people. I could never again RP in with people who choose to follow this :poop:-show as lore.


I doubt the average citizen knows of Anduin’s plans with Saurfang, the Horde rebellion, Thunder Bluff, etc. Plus Anduin has the loyalty of the people. They will follow Anduin and will naturally not question his resolve. Especially since they know he never wanted this war.


Really? You read my post and your reaction is to say that the people wouldn’t even know where Anduin had shipped their army before he came back with Orcs, Trolls and Tauren? Way to make it better.


Why would they know? I bet most of the Alliance leadership itself doesn’t know of Anduin’s plans with the Horde rebels. Plus I doubt that the Alliance military makes their plans known to the public. Stormwind is a medieval setting, the farmers and merchants aren’t going to know what the High King is up to.


I’m really not sure what your intention was here. Was it a “Yup, but it’s even worse than the :poop: you wrote”? In that case, fair enough.


??? To give you my interpretation of what is going to happen which disagrees with yours?


You’re strange.


Are you drunk? I literally didn’t say anything strange here, I gave my interpretation of what I think the average citizen would think of Anduin. This isn’t your personal blog, I have the right to disagree with you.


I don’t know, it kind of make sense to me. I mean, the only other ending I can see for this expansion is us killing N’Zoth and then beginning to look for Dragon Isles to eradicate the remaining Old Gods. But how would the faction war & the Sylvanas thing end?

On the other hand, if this turns out to be the 8.3 ending, when will we deal with N’Zoth?

8.3 N’Zoth
8.3.5 Death Party?


Oh please don’t let it be true.

This is my greatest fear. Sylvanas will be portrayed as the hero and Teldrassil and the night elves once again completely forgotten


This is the problem: Blizzard f*cked up so bad until now that only an ending that makes absolutely no sense can get us out of this mess.
Another ‘Draenor is free!’ situation is unavoidable at this point.


Oh, since I heard it again right now, and I don’t think it was mentioned, really…

This leak wouldn’t provide an ending for the “Battle FOR Azeroth” at all. The Azerite? The Titan fetus in pain? The forces that are trying to corrupt it? It would all remain unresolved. The title of the addon would be one big red herring.

This really made me doubt this leak much more than I did before.

(Brigante) #39

I actually firmly agree with that. I mean my character, as a moderately high ranking military Officer does not know that Saurfang is even alive still. I find it extremely plausible that the average citizen of Stormwind is unaware of the machinations of power at the top levels.

This However! This! Gah! For Goodness sake Man, Stormwind is -Not- and never has been, a medieval setting. WoW is not a medieval setting. The Alliance is not super medieval fun world. Stormwind is like what Americans think Camelot probably looked like (Instead of it likely looking much more like a Horde base, assuming such place existed), Boralus looks like 1700’s London, Gilneas like later 1800’s London, Darnassus like an ashtray( Too soon?) but seriously, like a Shogunate dynasty era Japanese city, Ironforge like some Soviet Military Industrial Complex from the 1940’s, Gnomeregan like something from the -future-,
Then look at the Horde! Orgrimmar is a mix of 1400’s walls and infrastructure, with 1700’s military support, Echo Isles is like an unchanged village ethos from the early Centuries, I mean we’re talking pre:Romano Graeco times. Thunder Bluff, actually kind of looks right, for its inspiration, it would not look amiss as an actual Native American ‘city’, which still can place it anywhere between 1200 or so, and 1800, Kezan looks like the modern day Bronx on Steroids, most Forsaken locations have a distinctly 1940’s Nationalist Socialist look, and Blood Elves are almost impossible to pigeonhole, I want to say places like Baghdad and Byzantium at their heyday.

Medieval it ain’t.

Really? Mine is Senility or Blindness, or becoming paraplegic, or Wasps, Yeah, Wasps top the list, they’re my greatest fear. Actually no, being paraplegic, so unable to move, blind, so I can only hear it and feel it as it crawls on my face, and senility so that I don’t even have the cognizance to remember -why- I am afraid of wasps. Just a wasp, crawling over my sightless, immoblile insensate body. That’s probably my worst fear.

Not Sylvanas being portrayed as a hero. That would just be crap writing that I know I could exceed in terms of quality given an hour or so. Hardly ‘worst fear’ type scenario.

Whilst the basic premise of a ‘What is the greatest challenge, the Sunless Seas, the Great World that knows no Sound, no wind, no lover’s caress, grey, desolate that each of us makes our own private Hell’ Would be an interesting finale to WoW’s story, I really don’t think BLizz could pull it off properly…


You’d have to be blind to think that Stormwind is not based on an european medieval city…