More Pandaren customization

We really need some more customization for poor Pandaren, folks!

It sucks that we only have one copy and paste face with no variation at all. We need a makeover so that we could at least have a few face options to choose from (Tauren have a few faces so why cant we?).
Or have a Muzzle category like the goblins nose to change how the face looks.

Also ‘tail or no tail’? Thats it!?.. How about fluffy tail, smooth tail, mid length tail, scarred tail, kinked tail, etc?
What about an ear category too? it wouldnt be too hard to give us some notched ears, fluffy ears, slightly bigger or smaller…
Or what about cheek fluff or smooth?

How about jewellery like the elves have?

There are plenty of options to give Pandaren some character rather then bland BuildaBear options we have now!


there seems to be an increase of customization threads from Void elves to Pandarens to Zandalari.

Seems like at some point in DF there needs to be an update.

I agree regarding the new customization for Pandaren. their model is a bit outdated now.

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I honestly think that their customization can wait a little. But not because they shouldn’t get any - more so because now they are the race with the oldest model, and I think it would be awesome if they got an update to their overall look. Just like goblins and worgen did later down the line.

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and i hope they not only update the pandaren model, but also update some of the older animals in old zones

Like the camels in uldum, Zebras and Giraffes in Barrens. Cheetahs in Stranglethorn. while they are cool, i dont think any hunter wants a old graphics pet


with the recent news for humans and orcs, bringing this back

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remove them from game yuck cen imange furry folk this forum post yuck

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