Mount gone from collection

On February 1st, I bought a Mechano-hog from the AH, I used it, got the achievement “Get to the choppa!”, tried it out, put the icon on my toolbar, etc. The next day it was gone, and the achievement too. Can’t find it in collection, the icon is still on my bar but it says "You have not collected this mount.

I looked up other posts about problems like this, these mention possible UI error. I don’t think that’s possible as I mentioned even the achievement for it is gone. This was the day when the trading post launched and caused some errors, so that might be one of the reasons for this bug? I’m not sure

I made a ticket of course but no answer yet, so in the meantime I thought might as well ask others if they experienced problems similar to this one.

Do you have any active filters in the mount tab?

Nope, checked it many times, with different characters, and so on.

It’s not showing in the armoury either. I think you’ll need to make a ticket … I would suggest here - and click ‘contact us’ at the bottom.

Thanks, I already did, I’ve been waiting for three days, hopefully someone will get in touch with me.

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Open a ticket. It shouldn’t take more than one or two weeks to answer.