Mount luck.... I like this RNG :)

(Thomarin) #1

What’s your luck when it comes to mounts?

Me (a casual player) for example got:
G.M.O.D from Mekk first time killing this boss during normal raid.
Also got Underrot Crawg from The underrot dung +7 -> doing it only once.

So must say… really like this rng :slight_smile:


F you…

Joke ofc, congrats!


I have 19 trys on ashes its not the most Bud it does say im not that lucky
That ashes Son of a feather wil be mine


got my invincible baby yesterday :slight_smile:

Im very happy :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I dont need nor want any more mounts :slight_smile:


I’ve done upwards of 2000 kills for the panther in ZG, still don’t have it. And I’ve just finished my eleventh Nightbane kill and have nothing but Blood of Sargeras to show for it. :woman_shrugging:

(Dottie) #6

Now try for the Love rocket.


got that panther in 2 tries myself :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I’m very lucky with mounts I usually get them in less than 10 runs :slight_smile:

(Punyelf) #9

We went in a large group to Mekka Hc large night and two mounts dropped. Was fabulous. Sadly I didn’t get one but one day!!!


The first Sharkbait’s Favorite Crackers I got I gave to a RL friend and then yesterday I did another run to Freehold and got it again.

Today I killed a random mob near Waycrest Manorand and got another mount which of course I gave to same friend. :smile:

(Shammoz) #11

I got the Raven Lord on my first heroic run
I got the Green Proto Drake from my first Oracle’s egg
That’s where my luck ended.

Invincible took me over a year on multiple chars
I am STILL doing Firelands for the mount from Ragnoros every week on 6 characters.
I am STILL doing Karazhan for the horse every week on 6 chars
I am STILL doing Tempest Keep every week on 6 chars for Ashes of A’lar

Sooner or later I should just give up and every week I say “this is the last time i’m trying”… but …

The worst one is Firelands, you kill Ragnaros and then Malfurion says “The World owes you a great debt” and I always reply out loud “No, you own me THE DAMNED MOUNT!” :slight_smile:


Got the tigers and the bear from Darkshore on the same day on different chars. :wink:

Funny thing is that one of my friends asked me to show him the location so we went there together and then the two tigers dropped for him too. :smile:

(Larimus) #13

I think I had my luckiest WoW day to date last week - I got Skullripper, one of the Army of the Light paragon cache mounts and the drop from Houndmaster Kerrax in one day. I think luck comes for all of us somewhere, and balances out with bad luck! For example, I still have to farm Highmountain, Valarjar and Court of Farondis for their mounts… and Venomtail Skyfin. Can’t put Legion behind me just yet! Haven’t even tried to start farming Invincible, Ashes, Mim’s head, Rivendare’s mount, Experiment 12-B, Blazing Drake etc… the list is endless!


I’m fairly lucky when it comes to mounts, Shammoz can attest to that :rofl:

Gear on the other-hand…

(Galander) #15

I either have notoriously bad luck, or incredibly good luck. I usually get something on either less than 5 tries, or more than 90.

Nowhere inbetween. It’s actually both amusing and frustrating at the same time.
I make a sort of minigame out of it: “lets see how many attempts we can chalk up for THIS little feller”


The only time I remember getting lucky with a mount drop was The Headless Horseman mount. Was a couple years back, last day of the event so last chance I could run the dungeon, had been running it daily for the entire event with nothing to show for it, figured one last go before the event was over and there it was.
Dungeon drops, nah!
Raid drops? The Mammoth from Vault of Archavon is the only one I’ve got or even seen drop while I was in the group :stuck_out_tongue:

Fairly lucky? Understatement of the year there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Uldurin) #17

You are all now blessed with good luck in your mount farming endeavours! :stars::four_leaf_clover:


Luckiest I’ve been was getting Flametalon on my first run through firelands. Had 0 mount drops for ages now though :frowning_face:

(Shammoz) #19

I can, if were not against the ToS I would ask you run Firelands on my characters!

(Naxxos) #20

For me Good luck - Infinite Timeweaver on my very first set of TW dungeons (2nd or 3rd dungeon- Legion newbie). I didn’t even know what it was and it caused much frustration in the social guild I was in at the time

Bad luck - Blazing Drake in Dragon Soul - Approaching 400 ties for a 1 in 100 mount, I hate the place.


i don’t usually farm for mounts, but back in the Wrath days, i got my White Polar Bear on third try and it did not take too long to get Green Proto Drake either