Mount luck.... I like this RNG :)

(Skrax) #22

That’s what we all say at first… All the runs I do for mounts every week… it’s disgusting!

(Thomarin) #23

I also like it when the mount is a surprise.
I mean you don’t know that this mount drops from the particular boss/raid/dung but still you get it.


Its good when you have a string of luck. It is much worse than that when you have years of bad luck.


I have gladiator mounts from various seasons across multiple characters and I got both Mimiron’s Head and Invincible not too long after they were released because I was in a top raiding guild (boy did that 100% drop chance feel good).

Does obtaining cool mounts through skill count as being lucky?

(Molbert) #26

Indeed this RNG loot works very well in MMOs. We need a lot more of that. It’s not even remotely frustrating having farmed firelands for fandral’s pouch for years…


I got the love rocket first time back in 2015

Astral Cloud Serpent first time I started farming for it.

Those are the two that come to mind


Best day when i got Invincible and Flametalon of Alysrazor mounts on same day

and ofc when zul’gurub was new instance we started all roll for Swift Zulian Tiger and i lost but Raid leader did raid roll and i won it


Got my Raven Lord by accident.
Went to help my sister with her Druid Flightform Quest and got the Raven Lord.
Still take it out for a walk every once in a while.

Every other rare mount I have took lots of farming, but I’ve got quite a lot of them by now.

(Hawkh) #30

Yeah, I reckon anyone would smile-face-like the dreadful rng in this game if they got the new mounts from a new expansion, both on the first tries lol jc.

(Danellos) #31

I am not very lucky when it comes to mounts, but I am pretty lucky when it comes to gear and treasure maps. I got a lot of Titan Risiduum recently >.>

(Fluxache) #32

Reins of the Astral Cloud Serpent dropped for me 3rd run.
Have close to 500 Firelands runs for the Pureblood Fire Hawk under my belt and no drop.
Gave up on that, having lost the will to live after Ragnaros 499th time.
Sweet baby RNGesus moves in mysterious ways.

(Stinea) #33

I got ashes of al’ar a few weeks ago. This was my second mount drop ever, first mount drop was the one from underrot. I know Al’ar is super cliche and everyone has it by now, but i am a girl afterall and i just looooove the look of it :heart_eyes:


I remember those flashing up for DI for being server first .


Only if you won it on that guilds first kill rolling against the whole group. :wink:


I am extremely unlucky when it comes to raid drops. I don’t think I have even a single one. I do have mounts like the fox, some mounts that drop in arathi and darkshore. I got the ashenvale chimeara on my very first kill for example.

(Aylish) #37

I usually have a lot of luck with dungeon/raid mounts(getting them on first, or just a few attempts), but there is one I can’t seem to get, and that is the love rocket. I am not even close to the amount of attempts many others do tho, but this year I have 8 attempts pr. day, and no luck yet.

(Aylish) #38

I don’t. Not attempted getting it much either, but I’ve had a few trips in there for mogs sake, and not been lucky yet.

(Aylish) #39

Yeah, those are the best ones!

(Rezista) #40

I have no clue why people care about mount drops, when the best looking ones are locked behind 25$ "micro"transaction.

(Aldru) #41

Personal taste really, for me the best looking mount is Clutch of Ji-kun, Astral Cloud Serpent or Invincible, all obtainable in-game.
I do agree most high quality mounts end up there, much to my dismay.

I think to date my best mount luck has been getting the Big Love Rocket in my first week of “Love is in the Air” at max level. Rarest obtainable mount in-game miss me with “But sha of anger mount!” that was bugged for half a year >:c

Rest are a mix of <50 runs or above 100+, worst has to be Strath Deathcharger, ~2k runs before it dropped X_X and it even dropped on a warrior alt then lost it to a guy who got himself locked out of the room.