Mount Up for the Northrend Cup!

Mount Up for the Northrend Cup!

Take to the skies of Northrend for a new dragonriding racing event!

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lets hope is better than Outland one…

The course in Blade’s Edge Mountain thicked me off so much with the hitboxes of them spikes. :grimacing:

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What’s the 13th race?

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It looks like these races was tuned without Skyward Ascent trick, alot better i say.

The one at Auchinaidon was bad as well…
Especially on the harder levels

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Aye, was that metal grating that had an invisible barrier over it I kept hitting in that one.

Missed first two races so I am curious is it possible to obtain the old racing tmogs from Kalimdor and Outland, too? And how much currency is needed?

Daggercap Dart (the one that starts from Utgarde Keep) was great. Very picturesque.

It’s an annual thing, looking at the calendar there’s the EK Cup again in April '25.

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…I aim to only do the basic level on all 3 (normal/advanced/reverse) and get bronze, purely for the achievement and grind to buy the outfit/DR manuscripts.

The previous races I have managed to get the odd silver/gold which is a bonus, however this time, didn’t manage to get these levels on this set of racing - I was pretty good at being able to instant stop on some of the obstacles and almost landing on the moving ship! :flushed:

I think that should be corrected at some point today.

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I’m a potato…

Just finished the entire Northrend Cup, getting all achievements.
Then I go to Oggrimar, only to learn there’s a quest as well…



Tried it for the first time, got gold on every race and that with the hand in meant I could buy the whole outfit. Job done.
Was an okay distraction for a bit.

Some of those corners though :disappointed_relieved:


Wait what!

Is that in addition to the one in Valdrakken? Or is it the same quest replicated in both areas? :thinking:

I hope it’s the quest replicated, cause I’m not doing it for a third time XD

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… I did it twice to get all the items and then did the quest I had from Valdrakken on a 3rd char - mad huh! - purely future planning to have the currency in stock for the next set of races to save time (hopefully the currency stays the same!)

Easiest set of races they’ve done so far. I only failed to time gold 2 times, and both times was to getting stuck in the terrain. One of them was Citadel Sortie, and the other was Geothermal Jaunt. Fortunately Geothermal Jaunt is super short.

I started less than an hour ago, and now I’m done - yet there are some races in the core game I can’t complete.

Oh well…

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Thats a shame. I like a bit of frustration and the ‘git gud’ parts to some of the races.

I found them honestly to be nicely done.
Very little issues with getting stuck on stuff, even when tunneling through stuff.
And they were nice and fun to fly.

Very nice improvement compared to the Outland Cup