Mouse clicks (only left or right clicking) don't make the cursor disappear until the mouse is moved

Edit 2: Someone on Reddit provided me with the solution: /console CursorFreeLookStartDelta 0

That should fix it!

Hi all, this is an older problem, dating from the end of BFA/beginning of Shadowlands, and there have been some forum posts about it, but without any solutions. I logged into retail and am considering playing retail again, but I noticed this problem is still there. It seems like a tiny thing, but it really annoys me a lot.

So, what’s the problem? Before Shadowlands, when you simply clicked with your left or right mouse button in the world, and held it without moving it, it would disappear. This would make it feel like you interacted with the world, as if you’re ‘holding’ the camera, ready to move it. Nowadays, when you just click the left/right mouse button without moving it, it just stays there, visible. It doesn’t feel like you’ve clicked at all, which is a lot more annoying than it should be.

(Edit: in Classic WoW this does work correctly, i.e. as it used to work in retail as well. You can try it out yourself. In Classic, simply click with your left/right mouse button and do nothing, and it will disappear. Try the same in retail, and it doesn’t disappear.)

I’ve tried all the solutions in older forum posts (e.g., but nothing works. Even a clean reinstall on a brand new computer without any addons did not fix it.

If anyone knows whether this can fixed, I would love to know. It would make my gaming experience much more pleasurable, even though it seems like such a small thing. Thanks all!

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Hi, I have just encountered this problem, and I am starting to feel motionsickness because of it. I tried what the 2 edit said but, either I do not understand how or where to write it in, or it just does not work for me. I would appreciate help.

You just type/paste this into the chatbox in game.

/console CursorFreeLookStartDelta 0


That console command doesnt work :confused:

the console command doesnt work for me either, alt tabbing out and in of the game a couple of times ususally fixes it, but its a pain if it happens during a m+ key or something