Mouse Movement Issue Since 9.1

I’m not sure if this is an issue my end but ever since 9.1 came out I have this issue with moving my character using my mouse. Before I could click both buttons down and it would move then upon releasing the buttons my character would stop, but now my cursor disappears and my character gets stuck on moving. This has become frustrating during questing or dungeons and my character continues to run into mobs lol. The only way I stop this is to press my left or right button until I stop running. Has anyone else had this? I’ve looked at all my settings in-game and outside of WoW but nothing changes it.

Hey Vïsenya,

I would double-check the options in the Key Bindings → Movement Keys. From my understanding of your issue, double-check the keys that you have for the following options.

Toggle Autorun
Start Autorun
Stop Autorun

I’d check your key bindings as Vossprey mentioned above but i did wonder if you get this everytime or just occasionally?

I also use the two button method but since last patch it seems to sometimes get stuck just as you described. When it does happen it seesm to be when there’s server lag, something that’s also been persistant since patch.

Thanks for your reply. I have looked at those bindings and they’re not bound to my mouse at all and I’ve even removed the bindings all together and tried binding them to random keys on my keyboard which doesn’t change it.