Moved from Flamelash to Bloodfang

I was formerly playing Alliance on Flamelash, but when Phase 2 hit it just became a total waste of time so I decided to collect some data on the transfer server populations and faction balance vs. that on Bloodfang.

Full info is in the post below but the TL:DR was that Flamelash seemed to be 36% Ally / 64% Horde, and Bloodfang had almost as many Alliance overall but a 47%/53% faction split.

So far playing on Bloodfang has been a MUCH nicer experience. I did get ganked by 4 Horde camping Lights Hope this morning but in general you can move around the world without too much trouble. Saw a number of 1v1 fights going on in the world, and encountered a number of horde that weren’t aggressive (and saw them encounter Alliance that were highly aggressive). Found raid guild within half an hour of moving too.

So yeah, it’s pretty much what I expected playing a PVP server to be when I rolled PVP 3 months ago. I do think that Bloodfang is a bit quieter than Flamelash is at off-peak times, but it’s still pretty busy.

If you’re finding playing on Flamelash frustrating then I’d definitely consider moving to Bloodfang (especially as BGs are cross-realm). I certainly feel like I’ve made the right choice.

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Moved from Flamelash to Bloodfang too and I totally agree, it is a much nicer server to be on.

The unfortunate state of flamelash is saddening. I wish we could find a way to solve the realm population issue killing off the server.

Which alli guilds have left so far? Sad to see the imbalance becoming larger

Funny thing about is… mostly horde fault that we have a big decline in Alliance population, if most of you just let the lvling characters reach lvl60 probably we have plenty of Alliance to give a fight and have fun. Instead of that, we have gank squads killing everything that moves in every corner of Azeroth.

That behavior made people quit, reroll or transfer. Everyone looses, sadly few had that insight.

The risk of moving to a server that might die out in the future is far greater than me getting ganked and camped for a while IMO. Personally I’d never move to a server with a lower population than what my current one has. All I did to adjust to the increase in horde aggression and their numbers is simply spend my time farming gold in dungeons and lvling alts in the early morning hours. I’ve had very few problems or annoyances so far.

The servers which you can transfer to have a very similar, and soon larger, alliance population than Flamelash.

Alliance on Flamelash will be getting no fresh 60s cos it’s impossible for them to level while the servers you can transfer to are getting more 60s via transfers + levelers who aren’t getting ganked all the time.

Over time as people naturally quit the game guilds that are left on Flamelash alliance will be having a hard time finding new quality recruits to replace them.


A server is just as likely to die due to faction imbalance as a lack of players. Imbalance means many people transfer, reroll or quit the game entirely. Nobody will roll a new character on the faction that’s 20% on the server so you’ll have no new players coming in either.
As server dying due to a lack of players can be remedied simply by merging two or more small servers. A severe faction imbalance on the other hand can’t be solved (the total amount of horde players on pvp servers is much greater than alliance) and will likely only get worse as time goes on.

I honestly think to solve this problem is to encourage alliance players that are leveling to stick to it and level to 60 by grinding dungeons if they are getting killed in world , and alliance players that are 60 already to just form groups and do PVP like many Venture etc do, Yes there is more Horde but by doing this you will have equal xp / and fun if u lvl or pvp as everyone, and also one more important thing is that you only need to wait for 7 more days and there will not be any Horde camping FP’s when there are Battlegrounds ( Cross realm so que will be fast )

The worst thing you can do is to encourage players to realm transfer and with that kill Alliance population on server even more , when you know and see even tho there is 50/50 you still get camped at FP’s as you were still here…

For alliance, yes, you green boys will won’t be so lucky :slight_smile:

Well kinda agree there , cos if majority is horde it will be some que times , but not like it would be on this server if it was a server only BG’s…

Did you just call him by his skins green hue?? Racism against orcs has gone too far. This needs to be stopped, All races of all skin colours are equal, except gnomes, creepy little things.

In a game that’s literally about race war.

I’ve thought about moving a few times - it’s boring being camped by 10+ Horde because they literally have no one else to kill due to the faction imbalance. Just gritting my teeth until BGs are out. Always fun destroying Horde groups that outnumber you though.

At this point I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Bloodfang has more Alliance on it than Flamelash does. It’s busy as hell nowadays, and there’s always newly-arrived MC-geared 60s looking for raiding guilds in the general channels and stuff.

Suspect some Horde have probably also moved over from other servers too given there’s actual PVP happening on the server. Overall I think Bloodfang probably has better long term prospects than Flamelash does … but then I’m probably a little biased :stuck_out_tongue:

Baiting people to join your dead server?

Haha, so I actually just collected some more data because I was curious (and one of my friend’s old guilds of 50+ people now talking about moving too after saying a week ago they were definitely sticking it out) … and there’s 1008 Alliance online on Flamelash and 1206 online on Bloodfang.

So yeah, if you want to move I suggest you move across quickly. They’ll probably be disabling Alliance transfers off Flamelash soon if past form (e.g. Shazzrah) is anything to go by.

(Standard disclaimers about my data apply here - this is just a snapshot not an average. Perhaps a massive guild on Bloodfang decided to have a raid at 5.30pm server time on a Tuesday and that’s throwing the figures off … but probably not. Flamelash is probably just screwed.)

Join Bloodfang, my Alliance brothers! Let the Horde rot alone on Flamelash. They deserve it. :smiley:

Earthshaker has much more pop. than Bloodfang, so that would be the better option imo.

Depends on the person. I prefer not-massive population servers. I left Ashbringer; even though, it’s balanced. Just too crowded.