Moving the target/dot bar

I’ve been struggling with this for days, and I’m not sure this is the right forum for it, but since I’m playing rogue, here it goes.

How the hell do I move the bar under my character showing my HP/Energy and combo points? (Tried to include an image but forums won’t let me link to imgur)

Does it have a specific name? Dominoes doesn’t seem to pick it up, I installed MoveAnything and I cannot for the life of me find its name so I can move it.

Any idea? It’s really doing my head in!

Edit: under imgur it’s listed as /7fbSjzK.png in case you wanna see

Edit 2: Discovered it’s named “Personal Resource Display”. Still can’t find a way to move it.

Edit 3: Worked around it. Disabled it completely and installed a combo point addon instead that I can move wherever I damn please.

I use statusbar2 addon, can move any bar any where very easily.

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