MSO Recruitment

Guild: Midnight Sun Order
Faction: Alliance
Realm: Pyrewood Village (EU-PvE)
Loot: EPGP
Type: Semi-Hardcore Raiding
Raids: Weds & Thurs, 20h - 00h Server - come AQ:
Weds: AQ40
Thurs: BWL (1h8m) > AQ40
Mon: MC > AQ20 > ZG

Please note that Weds & Thurs are official raid days and Monday is optional.

Recruiting: 1x HPala

Our aim for Classic is simple - to clear all content and keep pace with the content releases.

MSO originally existed as a raiding guild, active 2004 - 2010, throughout Classic, TBC & WotLK. We had a successful number of years, culminating with ICC25 on farm.

Experienced & stable leadership team - all officers are from the original MSO & have known eachother since 2004. Some of us had Naxx on farm on private servers pre-classic launch.

This has resulted in a great set-up - a healthy mix of original guild members (~75%), combined with fresh players all wanting to play Classic once again!

From launch it took us just 25 days to clear MC, with Onyxia the following week.

BWL launch week - 8/8 clear.

We are an active guild, with smooth raids (what we aim for, over speed or server firsts) and zero tolerance on drama.

We have a ~95% sign up rate from raiders, resulting in those that sign up get allocated a spot 98.5%+ of the time.

40/40 raid team weekly without fail since starting MC, combined with minimal subbing – currently averaging being subbed just once a year(!)

We achieve all this by taking a quality over quantity approach - we dedicate our time to focus just one core raid team, which consists of 43 highly active players.

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