Multiboxing, Cheating or not?


Oh well. Several years ago, there was a guild that was boosting people for gold. One guy would just go to Northshire and collect gold from all interested - no ban or anything.

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I have an odd feeling the person I lent it to may have bought it to give it back, this was before tokens.


then that would explain why he got banned. Blizzard could have took him as a middleman.

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Sounds like the problem is space. Seems like Blizzard have brought in this sharding malarkey so they don’t have to support expansive areas with thousands of nodes and hundreds of people. That last zone in WoD isn’t even half the size of BRD, must’ve been hellish cramped when it was current. One person playing five accounts at once, should barely impact on other players and if there was the space, we could just fly off and find another area to pick our flowers, or come back later. I don’t agree with banning people from playing more than one account at once, I do agree with game design meaning they don’t really make an impact on other player’s enjoyment.


Many people mistake normal multiboxers for multiboxers with third programs to move 20 pg together. It’s a bot. The user uses a pg and the program uses the others 19. I really dont get how blizzard can permit it.


Blizz allow multi-boxing - it isn’t a cheat

That’s not an opinion - and Blizz have made this clear countless times


Not quite, seen plenty of times pre-BfA where it said no tokens available, and then you can’t buy until someone puts one on again

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Personally I consider it a cheating, tho Blizzard allows it cuz they pay the sub.

Doesn’t change the fact that to operate ~10 accounts at once, they are wired with botting program. You cannot controll 10 accounts by yourself, not possible. Anything that automates your inputs from main account to sub-accounts I consider cheating. <— My stance.


Well yes, but actually

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That is not accurate. That only happens un theory. If buyers and sellers are not the same ammount the price in gold adapt to incentivate one thing or another At then is in equilibrium

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No it isnt, plus I love Multiboxing! As long as those guys gather ressources, I dont have to :slight_smile:


You have absolutely no idea what multiboxing is. That involves 2 accounts, 2 characters, and has nothing to do with macro’s, which are allowed anyway befcause blizzard offers you to make those.


i used to be a big mount collecter, until some years ago, when i found out some ppl multibox with 5-30 maybe even 40 accounts. it means farming mounts and all stuff is more easy for them. = i quit with stupid mounts. in a long time i was amount the players who had the most. but when you add ‘‘cheats’’ to it becomes lackluster.


What I fail to understand is the gain of all this. I mean there surely is but I can’t recognize it. If you farm mats on, let’s say 5 accounts, you can surely make quite a lot of gold BUT, you also have to pay for 5 subscriptions. So, 13x5 = 75 euros per month.

Now let’s say you want to buy a token, you’d still need to farm 180k gold on each character so, multi boxing wouldn’t really help here, you pay for every character. But, if you farm enough, you should be able to get 5 tokens, but 0 gold gain overall.

Now if you pay 60 euros on 1 character you can buy 3 tokens that will net you 540.000 gold. So unless you only farm mats and manage to earn like 2 tokens per character, it won’t really help you, but that would mean spending all your game time farming mats and not doing anything else.

I can see a profit with xmogs and mounts tho. That would help.

Or, you don’t buy tokens for yourself, meaning you buy 5 tokens that would cost 100 euros, with 75 euros. This provides you a profit, but you still have to pay 75 euros for it and spend much time doing it.

Or perhaps I’m missing something I don’t really understand how this works


If you farm Anchor weed on my server, you make alot of money just on that, you can easely buy alot of tokens if you do that for a week.

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It is not cheating but it is annoying af.

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I did not mention macros and I know exactly what multiboxing is, your tone is disgusting and your attitude stinks.

Blizzard macros are different from the ones that can be made with external software.


They’re etxactly the same thou… :confused: lol

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Really? Try making a pause in a Blizzard macro. And was there any need to quote me from 18 days ago?


Not to specifically a need but ummm,… Therfe’s really no different between blizzard macro’s and ‘third’ party software macros like logitechs due to the fact you can simple use a curseforge addon that changed that, and blizzard didnt ban it.