Also take in note that you need multiple accounts, thus multiple games and subscriptions…

yes i have 5 games 5 subs active at moment xD

So multi boxing is legit even when it’s obviously automated/scripted/afk macroed or whatever?

Case in point, was in Stormsong at a questing area on an alt, and there was a group of 8 moonkin, all the same name bar a letter being changed, and they were placed in 2 groups of 4. As soon as a mob appeared, they were tagged. Even when you managed to tag some, this lot kept attacking them. So you had to tag them before they did,and I just stood around waiting for them to kill them. NO way this was someone sat there at their keyboard the whole time as it was obvious. Nigh on impossible to hit the quest mobs.

I’ve got no probs with those that do it legitimately as Blizz seem happy for it to happen, but there are limits and it doesn’t appear that they seem bothered by those royally taking the p**s either. All money in the Activision coffers I guess🙄

That’s not how it works.

Some botters multibox; not all multiboxers bot.


Shows you don’t know the first thing about how multi boxing works ,


Multiboxing is allowed on World of Warcraft


No I don’t but I’ve seen enough multi boxers in the game to know the difference between someone actually playing and when something is bottling, which unless I’m mistaken is against the TOS. And that was the point of my post. Or are you advocating botting? Seeing as you’ve not responded to the main point of my post, I can only conclde that you do.

Massive difference between botting and multi but its obviously wasted on you and fyi I dislike botters and how they ruin peoples accounts but assume what you will :roll_eyes:

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I never said that all multi boxers bot so why are you stating the obvious that they don’t when I’ve already stated as much in my initial post?

Because your ‘obvious’ post wasn’t as obvious you think it was. You accused MPrs being bots with your scripts and other things.


But some botters clearly multibox which was the point of my post. The ‘even when’ part of the statement seems to have been conveniently overlooked. At the sake of reiteration, I have no problem with those that multibox legitimately as they’re entitled to. What I do take exception to is obvious botters that ‘are multiboxing’ and preventing people from completing quests etc.

That much was obvious in my initial post but, in return, you seem to have real trouble grasping that so seems a waste of time in return trying to spell in out to you in more simplistic terms.

You are just up yourself and rude and arrogant .Its been clearly stated that multi and botting are completely different . Its not my problem if you cant understand that and the 2 x 4 groups of druids with very sim names are boxing and can cover a mass area with there starfall .
You can see with movement alone what is a botter and boxer from a mile away .Please take your snooty views elsewhere thinking you are better then anyone .


Multi is not cheatin at all. Its just a legal a loophole like blizzards Taxs evading. XD. Its legal but moraly wrong. 5 acounts is mony to them and hunter prepare for alot of hate multiboxin is by commity not very acepted as ok.

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I am a boxer myself for over 10 years, but I can see both sides of the argument.

I don’t think it should be allowed in pvp, and I do think there should be some kind of limit on how many can be boxed at once. I am running 3 and 5 has been my max in the past. I do think it’s a bit crazy when 10/20 boxers are running around taking every node and mob… also it’s not good having these huge scale boxers flooding the ah. Fair is fair.

My number one rule is never have a negative impact on others.

These are just my opinions.


I have noticed some of the gathering boxers are on multiple servers, I imagine that has less of an impact but still makes them plenty of gold.

Of course I’ve seen the ones with are large number boxers all on the same servers, all on the same mounts showing off :slight_smile: , I guess you can do both if your’e a boxer. The sky is the limit, or rather, you are only limited by how many accounts you run at the same time.

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Wanna see multibox botters? Spam /who Grim Batol

I’m confused do you mean botters or multiboxers they 2 different things.One is illegal and the other one is fine.

Edit:oh you ment botters playing more chars at onec farming Grim Batol.

Blizz should investigate Grim Batol more often to see who is botting and who is just multiboxing.

This is my main problem with multiboxers, they gank me everytime i get bounty

Why try and go for bounty when you can get dropped before you even notice what hit you?

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If multiboxers are allowed, there is no reason that bots are not allowed.

They have the same impact on the game, and they are the same sub money for blizzard.