Multiclass LF guild


Hey, i’m froggymacsloppy or Lylo depending on toon and im currently looking for a guild. I play pretty much everything, and the things I dont play I am likely looking to level up eventually (im looking at you disc priest, you will be mine). I recently returned to the game and I realized I really miss raiding, therefore im… whoring myself out on the forums.

The classes im currently playing are:
Monk, all speccs
DK, Unholy
DH, both speccs
Druid, both dps speccs and healer

And im working on a warrior and a Disc priest.
What can I offer:
I play way too much, and I care, I dont have the time for hardcore 7 days a week, but I can find the time for 1-3 times a week depending on the requirements. I care more about the raid then I do my own performance as im used to raid leading pretty much everything I touch in pugs, but not having raided for a couple of months im instead fully focused on bringing the best performance possible for the class I bring.
I dont really care what I play as long as its on my list of like 20 speccs I will probably like. I love doing mythic+ and play both factions. When im not wasting my life playing wow im studying and holding down a job which is tuesday and wednesday evening so its hard to raid those days, but if I like the guild ill swap shifts if possible.

I enjoy most aspects of the game and I love getting important jobs in raids because sometimes doing that little bit extra is the fun part. I have done most of the raids as they came out while I raided and usually spend a fair bit of time in mythic, but that all varies wether or not im playing or taking breaks.

Hopefully you can use me.
Have a pleasent day.
<3 Froggy (oh damn my third name)


Looking for 1 healer and ranged DPS to bolster our roster. Sitting at around 15 active raiders right now.

Tanks are now full so no longer accepting any main tanks but happy to speak with melee DPS who have a tank off spec.
Melee DPS in general are also welcome.

Add Riddesu#2266 or me Mods#2952


Hi there! If you haven’t found a guild already, I’d love to have a chat with you. My Btag is Angel#21135. Hope to hear from you!


My guild is looking for dps atm so we can start pushing our mythic raiding in BoD, add me if you are curious! :slight_smile: Zicci#2637


Hey, We are currently looking for people to join our raiding team in Prelude - Dragonblight

To give you some quick background: Prelude-Dragonblight was formed on July 1st 2010 and has been raiding since. It is formed by mature (well mostly anyway) individuals with the majority of us being original vanilla raiders who want to experience the raiding content in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Our goal is to balance good progress while having a laugh with friends. As a result we expect people to come prepared to raids, ready to give their best game but who do not take themselves too seriously. The guild also has a strong social aspect with “Fun Runs” organised during the week and various mythic plus runs.

The raid times are 20:15-22:30(ish) server time (invites start at 20:15, first pull at 20:30) on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. Currently we are lowering the raid nights to 2 for summer: Monday and Thursday.

Our aim is to clear Heroic content and we have always managed to get the “Ahead of the Curve” achievements so far.

Add me for a chat if it sounds interesting : Thea#21766


Good idea to post from your main character and add our progress - 6/9 hc BoD 2/2 n CoS


Hi there :slight_smile: If you are open to realm change give me a shout and i can tell you more about our awesome mythic raiding guild… Lunatic Asylum on Sunstrider :slight_smile: Fluffybunny#21197 (bnet) Yummybunny#3236 (discord)

(Sindorie) #8

if ur still looking for a guild blazed redemption on tarren mill are looking for more raiders. 6/9 hc and 2/2 nm only thing we are not looking for are tanks atm but backups are open


I appreciate all of the replies, i will be trying to add all of you and chat about guild raiding times and attitude, for matching what I can do, I appreciate you all took the time to reply and you all seem lovely. thank you.

Regards Lylo


I have no idea why my level 20 kul tiran is replying but thats how it goes some times :smiley:

(Xari) #11

Hi Froggy

I’m from the guild Remnants of Valhalla, situated on the server Dragonmaw, Horde. We are a casual raiding / social guild. Our focus is to have a nice time playing wow. We do this with our raiding team but we have a lot of room for other things aswell: regular m+ runs, doing the weekly events as a group of friends, doing Tmog or mount runs in old raids, achi runs,… pretty much everything wow has to give (maybe a tad less of PvP, we are PvE’ers mostly ^^)

Outside of wow, we stay in touch over our Discord server, you will also see our guildies playing other games together (fx: Diablo, Playerunknown’s battkegrounds, HotS,…). We are a pretty tight-knit community, open for likeminded players.

For all other basic information about our guild, feel free to take a look at our guild video:

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, feel free to add my Btag for a little chat (xarial#2863).



(Sinaasappel) #12

Hello Frog! :slight_smile:

:pizza: Casual Pizza Cats wants your deeps! :cat:

Are you either of these two?

  • A committed raider: a dpser who knows her/his class and wants to progress on Mythic, but who also has a life going on.
  • An active social player: someone who wants to join events and clear content together with guildies.

Then we’re the guild for you.

-------------------- FOR RAIDERS 3/9M --------------------

Raids are 8-11.30pm on Wednesday (Party Night) and Sunday (Progress Night);
and at 1pm on Saturdays (Alt/Social).

We have a flexible roster, so you will not be punished for missing a raid. !@#$ happens, we all know it. That said, loyalty is rewarded. We bring solid raid leadership, Spirit Cauldrons, Tables, Codexes, and Vantus Runes. In return, we expect you to bring a good understanding of your class and fight mechanics, and a great attitude.

We are looking for a reliable main tank + dpsers who are excited to progress on Mythic, at a chill pace, with a fun guild. We also welcome healers with a decent dps offspec they are willing to swap to; we don’t have main healing spots.

More info on raiding:

-------------------- FOR SOCIALS & M+ --------------------
Every week you have a shot at the prestigious Casual Pizza Cats Award by winning trivia night, transmog contests, hide and seek, naked foot runs, musical chairs, falling accurately to your death, limerick contests etc.. (For recent awards, check our subreddit!) Monday night is Monday Mayhem! - we run Mythic+ to get everyone their weekly +10. Every Saturday at 1pm is Casual Dog Daycare - our Normal alt/social raid. Once a month, during the Street Fight, we do an achievement run or clear any kind of special content together (e.g. Timewalking Black Temple). Finally, we have a bunch of altoholics, and if we’re really tired of life, we might even fish together.

All members are 18+ and mostly students/working, and so the guild (Discord) is most active in the evenings. We are all pretty chill people, and we like to keep it that way. We don’t tolerate drama or immature behavior.

We do not recruit the character. We recruit the person behind the character.


  • we log all our raids and are happy to help you with your log
  • we stream all our raids over at
  • we have our own little guild economy: buying (war packages) cheaper off guild bank than AH
  • we hang out on Discord:
  • our subreddit has more info:


One of our recruiters will get in touch with you afterwards!

(Yowshi) #13

Hey Froggy

You sound like a very good fit for VII. We’re currently 7/9M and would welcome a Monk to our team, especially someone competent in all 3 specs - very handy!

We raid Wednesday, Sunday and Monday 21:00-00:00 server time, so if you think you can make that swap of shift or attend a decent number of Wednesday raids, please add me for a chat - btag: tricky#2757

We’re now in our 14th year and our raids are consistent, happen on schedule and rarely, if ever, cancelled.

Look forward to chatting with you.

www. vii.guildlaunch .com

(Vivica) #14

We are < Chaos > Horde guild on Draenor.
Currently recruiting Tanks and dps for Battle of Dazar’alor & Crucible of Storms Mythic progression runs!

We are looking for people with the commitment to raid with us three days per week: Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday @ 20:00-23:00 GMT+1!! (server time)

If you would like to be involved more in a guilds life we have officer spots open :slight_smile:

If you feel like it’s a place you are looking for add us in game, battlenet or discord:

Droghart / Outlaw#2444 / DeadLyShadow#4283 (discord)

Vivica / RedVelvet#21116 / Viv#3336 (discord)

I hope to hear from you soon :slight_smile:


Hi Froggy! I see you’re a fellow altoholic. :wink: Would love to talk to you about joining our Guild, Raiders of Rohan. We’re currently 6/9hc BoD and 1/2hc CoS, we raid two days a week and we’re very active on the social side and running Mythic+ on offdays and on Discord. :smiley:

Add me if you want to chat: Amanda#2105


Hey man

Ive seen youve gotten alot of replies already :slight_smile: but if you are still looking then id like to welcome you to try out our casual raiding guild on Tarren mill!

We are called Vanguard and raid on Sat/sun 20:30-23:00 :slight_smile: very casual our aim is to clear HC every tier - might touch mythic if enough people are up for it!

I could go on with more info but id prefer to talk to you in person!
Brad#2942 =)


hey everyone, I have a guild im gonna trial raid with, I appreciate you taking the time, and damn thats alot of attention. I appreciate you, and gl in future raids and recruitment <3