Multirole player looking for Guild for M+

Hi all, I have recently moved back to Draenor after a few patches over on alliance with some friends. I am currently looking for a guild with a really active m+ community as I usually aim to hit ksm on both tank and dps roles, but sadly didnt during shadowlands due to personal reasons.

I’m currently looking into maining enhance/brew but will probably be looking into playing more specs later in the patch/expac.

contact me on discord: Ocean#5825
if you think you might have a new home for me.

Disciples Dawn (Dreanor) is raid guild formed a month back, NM 8/8 and started HC progression currently 6/8. We are looking for HC ready/experienced players to top up our DPS Range or Melee at this time, however melee is priority. We also need a healer either a Paladin, Priest or Monk.

We do have a structure in place so we can get what is best for the guild, and we expect everyone to pull their weight. Be that through prior planning or doing their best within the raid itself.
Due to the nature of the guild being on the older end we must ask all members are 17+, English speaking and also have access to a mic/discord.

Raid Schedule
Weds/Sunday - 2030 Server Time Start
Tuesdays are an Optional Raid day for Alts or Final Clears
Optional NM Run for Alts is fluid and added when possible.

Mythic + Dungeons
These are often set up within the raiders through discord and run often, if you’re looking to gear through M+

Add myself on BN for further information: SFD#21950

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