Mute affix sound , help pls?

Someone can tell me please if there is a way to mute Raszageth’s voice during a dungeon ?
Her yelling really irritates me. I dont want to listen to it 50 times / dungeon.

Someone managed to do that?

At this point I’d probably pay for it as a premium feature :rofl:

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There are ways to replace sound files with blank ones. Just need some wiz to tell you where to place them. I did it for my mechanostrider mount in Classic.

I would even pay for it tbh. Im getting ptsd listening to it.

One way I found: mute dialogue completely. But : I like to play with dialogue as voice actors in this game are nice. Playing without dialogue makes the game boring, and quiet to me.

And a second way : addon wich is able to mute sounds BUT : we need ID for it.
Now, i typed everything I could, to find thundering affix sound ID’ s but no luck. I couldnt find anything after a long search.

Where can I find the damn ID’s please ? :slight_smile:

only have one thing to say: THE ELEMENTS BELONG TO MEEEEE!!!

I play sound muted enitrely :thinking:

MAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaarked by Lightning! !! :face_vomiting:

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