MW Monk looking for home


Hello all

I am a 393 ilvl MW monk currently in search of a new home.

I have been playing WoW for far too long (over 14 years) and after I decided to delete my account (mostly to the fact that I was trying hard to quit the game entirely…well…we see how that worked out) I am back again in Azeroth.

I’ve raided since vanilla (MC, BWL, Naxx etc) and have delved right back into the game after a long bout of boredom.

Currently looking for a nice Heroic / Mythic raiding guild that could benefit from a MW monk. Preferably a guild that is quite social and not just online for raid times as I play during the day as well.

Please add my Battletag AxeTheLad#2660 if I sound like I could be part of your online family. I’m funny, friendly and always willing to help out in guild matters if need be!

See you in Azeroth!


Hello there! I wonder if we might suit your needs :slight_smile:
Current Progress: BoD 8/9HC, CoS 1/2HC

Raiders of Rohan (Bladefist/Frostwhisper/Zenedar) is a social raiding guild committed to relaxed progression and a friendly, yet focused atmosphere. We know that everyone has responsibilities outside the game, such as jobs, school, children etc. =) As such, we understand that people may sometimes miss raids due to prior engagements or emergencies. All we ask is that, when you are in the raid, that you’re focused on the raid. We expect our raiders and trialists to be fully gemmed and enchanted as well as supply their own potions. Flasks and food are provided by the guild.

Raid days:
Wednesdays 8PM-11PM (server time)
Sundays 8PM-11PM (server time)
Invites go out 10 minutes prior to start time.

We are recruiting all classes, but are currently especially interested in Shadow Priests, Shaman and any tank besides Blood DK. Trials last 2-4 weeks.

As this is a social Guild, there’s always something going on during the offdays! We run multiple Mythic+ runs per week and our Discord is always active. We also organize special Guild events sometimes, like achievement runs, transmog competitions and more! =)

If you have any questions, or you would like to join RoR, please contact either: Awriel (Amanda#2105), Dispare (GillRLister#2659) or Kawari (Jem#2368)


Hello Angoosa,

Left Hand Path - Thunderhorn EU, is a 12 year old guild with a strong social side.
While not being a hardcore raiding guild we still progress at a steady pace, but most of all we try to have as much fun as we can while playing.

We have raids on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 20:00ST to 23:00ST
Aside from raiding we also try to do other things like arena’s, M+ and other activities.

If you’re interested in joining feel free to poke Seraphiell#4484 (discord) or Kratos#2492 (ingame)



hi added you in bnet :slight_smile:

*2/2 HC

Battle of Dazar’alor:

  • 1/9 Mythic
  • 9/9 Heroic

Raid Days (Servertime):

  • Wednesday, 20:00-23:00
  • Sunday, 20:00-23:00


Is a raiding guild, consisting of old and new players, We came from the guild Gits , that have a history all the way back to vanilla. and have always got AHOC .

What is the goal:

Our goal is to do regular mythic raiding with a group of like minded individuals.
The ambition is to clear the content while it is current, but the mindset we have is that we go as far as we can, as long as we’re having fun while doing it.
This means that even if we don’t clear everything, at least we’ll have had a blast trying and knowing that we did our hardest to get where we are. And that is good enough for us!

What do we expect:

We expect our raiders to always bring their A-game to raids.
People can have off-days, and that is alright. Just as well as people can have Real Life emergencies, which obviously wont be a problem either

for more infos contact me:
Btag: c0re#2104
Discord(prefered): jaycore#8306

or any other officer ingame

(Paljay) #5

sorry posted from wrong char --> me is PALJAY