MW PVP Damage is laughable

Mistweavers PVP damage is poor and maybe the reasoning is that it gets offset by their big healing output, either way, the latest 25% damage increase of Rising Sun Kick and Blackout Kick is laughable. Give us something impactful and fun. Maybe:

An aoe or individual Rising Sun Kick on Leg Sweep hits and call it something like “Kick-sweep”.

Make Rising Sun Kick hit twice to airborne targets, such as when they get knocked by Ring of Peace and call it something like “Buff MW damage-kick”.

The next kick after Transcendence: Transfer hits twice.

Grapple Weapon lets you throw their weapon back at them hitting them for a substancial amount (maybe more if melee) while letting the enemy re-equip their weapon, ending grapple early.

Chi-Torpedo through an enemy hits them for as much as a blackout kick at least.

Tiger palm has a chance to procc a blackout kick, or the other way around.

I guess all of the above except the Chi-Torpedo one would only be applied to MW, as WW don’t need more steroids.

I haven’t thought this through, so I don’t know what the best way to go about this would be. Be it just passive talents for MW or pvp talents, or normal talents, either way, give us something fun and j u i c y. Please.

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