MW PVP Talent in RBGs


Why are the top MW monk in RBGs taking the Thunderous Focus Tea PVP talent over

Thunder Focus Tea can now additionally cause Crackling Jade Lightning’s knockback immediately, or cause Essence Font to increase your movement speed by 70% and provide immunity to movement impairing effects.

Over Zen Focus Tea

Provides immunity to Silence and Interrupt effects for 5 sec.

No expert off monks, but movespeed matters quite alot in RBGs.
Interrupts etc can be baited, but bieing slow is garuanteed death.

Not playing RBGs myself, but I am pretty sure because:

  1. Great for maps with escorting flags due to movement speed and immunity
  2. Great for maps where you knock someone down from the high ground (approved by Obi wan Kenobi)

TFT for RBG is great for any map that you can knock people off. WSG if you are on roof as attack or defender to take the healers out of the fight - Arathi for BS or LM to knock people off the sides, EOTS is great for middle or to cap flags. The only time i wouldnt run TFT pvp talent would be Silvershard mines (ROP is normally enough), and u need zen focus as you will be in melee range in the cart most of the time - and temple as knockoff not needed

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