MW Tear of Morning Mastery

Does Tear of Morning Star legendary proc our mastery gust of mists on all targets that get healed by that 20% env mist heal?
It sounds logical to me but hey its Blizzard we are talking about after all…

And does Clouded Focus work per heal tick or per cast because the description says:
“while channeling soothing mist, ANY HEALING done by your Vivify or Enveloping Mist gives you a stack”
Implying that "any healing Env or Vivi do, does that mean that every EM Tick or Vivify cleave give separate stacks? If you cleave 3people with vivify you get 3 stacks?
Whenever you enveloping ticks you get a stack?

Please someone clarify this because i dont understand this Blizzard rubbish monkee logic.

It’s only the initial hit, not the cleaves/ticks that procs our Mastery and the Clouded Focus legendary.

It sucks than.