My Cat pet

Greetings! I am currently looking for a new name for my new pet on my hunter, but I seem to be struggling with coming up with one. Would any of you people help me to get a good name? Can be any theme you want.

Thanks in advance.

If you have or have had any pet then that’s an idea. Or someone elses pet that you like/liked.

In my experience, not giving my hunter pet a more affectionate name I keep getting annoyed with the poor AI and clunky mechanics, which to me smoothes over some of that annoyance.

Looking at your character name, it looks like you need as much help as you can get.

Which cat model is it?

I pick my hunters name so that a cat name suggests itself.

Mustafa ofc.


… Because I have a cat called Fargo!




This is a perfect answer for a human being stupid AI :wink:

Name your pet after my cat irl. Mr Cat :smiley:

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