My disabled son - ‘the nobleman, the philanderer, the detective’

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Thanks for posting that Osangar. That is one heck of a story.

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I just read this too and was going to post about it. It’s a wonderful story of what WoW can be and I have admit I was in tears at the end … This is the very heart of Warcraft and why it’s important to so many people.

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wow… i just read that with a lump in my throat, this is truly what WoW is about.
I hope you are resting in peace my Norwegian brother.

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I am a 40 year old man and my living room was suddenly very smoky at times reading the story…

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I’ve had this article linked to me by three different sources today and i have been sharing the hell out of it.

Very moving, touching… I got very emotional reading that… in the office… #embarassing.

A clickable link for you all.


This was a truly powerful and emotional read that I was not in any way prepared for. Thank you so much for sharing this article with us.

In our day-to-day routines it can be easy to overlook the positive ways in which World of Warcraft brings together people of many walks of life from all over the globe - and the lasting bonds of friendship (and sometimes even more) it can form.

I hope Mats is resting peacefully, and my belated condolences to his family and guild.

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theres probably so many of these stories that go unreported as wow brings so many people together from all aspects of life but from his dads point of view it must be good to know he had so many friends a very good read even if its old news


Man I was unprepared for this.

Thanks for sharing. Cried my eyes out. If the wife comes in she will wonder what’s going on.

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Make her read it… then she will cry too.


This was very beautifully written. It really touched me. Thank you for posting it. God damned, WoW really was a second home for many people and communities. I’m sad to say this will never come back and it’s not all WoW’s fault. Society and gaming communities just lack the patience nowadays.

Amazing story which makes me realise why RP is popular and needed in this game.

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Thanks to have posted this. I cried and i was in my office.

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I do agree, but it’s not always the case. We have a mentally disabled player in our guild and I can admit that at times he does try our patience a little, but it’s articles like this one that reminds us all why that patience means so much and why it’s worth it.

I tweeted the article earlier this morning and the response has been amazing, heartwarming and I believe a very positive influence. We could all do with remembering that the people we interact with online may well have issues, difficulties and such that we are not aware of and we all need to be mindful of that.

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The world has changed indeed, but that is just what we see. There is so much we don’t see, that we forget how the world also is. And this story is a damn good proof of that. Really missed the “do not read this in the office label:slight_smile:

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Too late for you but I’ll add another edit to the opening post.


Beautiful boy, bless his soul, been a while since I had mushy eyes

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Damn rogues cutting onions around here :persevere:


Damn those ninja cutting onions…


This is very touching story and very sad one I admit. What I find sad is that even with all those facts around us, how even handicapped players play this game to have fun in it with other people and take it as a form of escapism to move a bit at least in a gaming world away from the problems they have in real life how we still have some douchebags here on the forum which are asking for removal of the LFR and various other additions in the game which help to those players to experience as much of the content in the game as they can without which some of them would never be able to experience it.


Thank you for posting this. I cried, but the story also warmed my heart.

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I love that this keeps coming back to the general discussion forum and that the Beeb have picked it up too.

Every time I read it it brings a tear to my eye.