My DPS Output Low?

Hi all,
I just hit my first dungeon - I have been concentrating on levelling up and quests so far - and one of the other members in the group said ‘Geez pally, 35dps, is that all?’ So I am assuming for my level my gear is rubbish.

  1. Is my gear that bad
  2. Any tips for getting better
    Or is it just a case of doing more dungeons to get better gear?

I don’t want to be rude but as a no heirloom prot paladin I did more than 35 as a tank on this level.

On the other hand dungeon scaling is rubbish which makes the dps experience literal trash. Although levelling as a DH or hunter didn’t give me too much of a headache tbh :thinking: I recommend icy-vein, their website is really helpful for talents, rotation and spells


Dont pay it much attention, the damagemeters show your where you are at your level, so when you are doing dungeons with other with different levels their damagemeters is not gonna be at your level.
and i must say that ever since the levelsync in wow the damagemeters have been less than useful.
the guy you were playing with should have known this, so just ignore it


It’s not rude, this is my first character, I’m just figuring it all out :+1:
I’ll take a look at that site, thanks for the info!

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You’re welcome :relaxed: it helped me as well since I can remember!

And also as the other person said: during levelling the most important thing is to get comfortable with your character, I’d say if you want to be a hardcore player then definitely sweat about your dps. Till then enjoy the game!

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First, well done on getting through your first dungeon!

Because of player scaling, DPS as measured on an addon meter is … weird. Whet a Level 32 sees is different from what a Level 11 sees is different from what a level 43 sees. This makes it very unreliable as a guide while levelling. is indeed the website I’d send you to to learn your class at this stage as well, and spcifically their Easy Mode page for Ret:

Apparently, you don’t get your big cooldown Avenging Wrath (aka “Wings”) until level 48. I would have thought it was sooner. This ability is key to a Paladin’s burst.

Your gear is not terrible. Your Shoulders and Chest are weak, but it’s normal to have a couple of pieces lagging behind as you level. Don’t worry about it.

My guess is that, if your DPS is actually low (and I’m not sure of that) the cause is you hesitating instead of smashing those keys and going all out. That is the usual thing for beginners in dungeons who are a bit overwhelmed and distracted with all that’s going on. That goes away as you get more experience. Also, as you practice your rotation, it becomes muscle memory and automatic.

You can visit a Paladin Trainer and ask to be sent to the Proving Grounds for a bit of practice. Below max level, PG only allows you the easiest version, but if you are interested in performance, it’s worth doing.

You’re just on the learning curve. Keep going, but don’t take anything too seriously until you hit level 60, which is when performance starts to matter.

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It will be fine! It’ll come to you in a short while

It really doesn’t matter man. On my lvling hunter, one dungeon I do 3.5k dps, the other I do 1.2k dps. Scaling is bugged as ….

If you want an honest answer, I’ll tell you this: your dps doesn’t matter in leveling dungeons, but if you’re playing correctly no-one will mention about it to you either. So, you’re probably not playing correctly. But you also can’t really rely on dps numbers before you reach max level since everyone’s meters will be showing different numbers. Well, you’ll still see the relative dps they’re doing compared to you. Also, low levels generally do a lot more dps due to scaling than higher levels.

Main takeaways: assume you’re doing something wrong and try to fix it, but reserve the final judgement for max level. That’s when there’s no scaling involved and it just comes down to how you play (and your gear). But as long as the people you’re playing with have relatively similar gear, you can compare yourself to them.

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Hi All,
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the helpful replies and not bashing the new guy :smile:
I have started looking through a few articles to improve my style and hopefully ‘correct’ my rotations, if that is the issue.
All the best,

leveling dps generally doesn’t matter, because you don’t have all your abilities and stuff , and the game is balanced for max level stuff
tho even at max level there are underperforming and overperforming classes that are subject to tuning and changes
but there is definitely a degree of skill involved , world first raiders can kill the final boss in the first week while for other players it takes a few months
once you’re max level , you can use a guide or something that helps you out
but if you are a new player you are still learning, it’s okay go easy on yourself, if you see someone doing more damage than you or something, you’ll get better the more you play , don’t worry

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