My Feedback for Feral Shadowlands

Feral needs changes blizzard


in pve feral just needs buffs on aoe and feral unique utility that will rival boomkins and resto druids in raids and other melee classes , something special and feral can be fine


Feral’s PvE damage is all about NF Convoke. That’s why they do good dps on pure ST, but only mediocre dps in multi target and m+. The spec itself has several issues.


Feral needs utility , aoe that acutally feels impactfull and it can be easy fix


Feral needs as much love as Survival does , both specs need to be fixed to be competative in high end like world first or MDI


Seems like we will at least get a new travel form in 9.1.5

This is nice, but I hope there will be a few more substantial changes for Feral as well. Blizz, make it happen!

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Sad, again (even though this is only about popularity)

Feral is dead last. Next is Frost DK with 50% (!) more runs logged.

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It’s not even about not getting invited to M+ groups - it is about the spec feeling like total garbage to play in any type of cleave / AoE scenario that Feral players simply don’t want to play M+.


sad part is that feral felt better in BFA than it does now its soo sad how spec downgraded , personally i hate new blood talons , im forced to press 3 different GCDs to proc it , pressing regrowth felt good to proc a dps buff

i hope blizzard will see this feedback

lets see now they beeeep in their pants because of the stuff going on. maybe they will make some changes now. feral is a meme spec outsider of pvp convoke 1 shot

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Upp ferals need oae burst impact,need remove 5 targets


Im one of the ferals who belive in future)
My max dps in m+ 7.0-8.0k overvall…but i play so hard for it man,it insane…
Need to rework oae scenario,hope blizzard will read and listen to players experience

I wouldn’t expect any bigger changes for Feral in this addon.

FIX FERAL BLIZZARD we want impactfull aoe dmg and give us passives that we regen energy per bleed with some nice raid / m+ utility .


if u want m+, go to balance. feral pretty good for raiding tho, base on stats from warcraftlogs and raider io. no one care about ur wish to play as a cat. u have better option than that. there are more useless classes in this game than druid (infact, druid one of the best classes rn. in pve and pvp, unlike others, lol), so stop whining.

I know you think feral is overpowered when it isn’t, but that isn’t what we are talking about in this thread. There are design issues with the spec regardless of performance.

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10 chars

Ferals M+ AoE rlly is bad friend, why cant blizz not balance every specc that is good in AoE and ST dps? Their ST is one of the best yes if the boss live long enough, so in general m+ is rlly based around AoE and ST dps so why have not balance every class that is decent in AoE and good in ST. Feral is rlly good in ST but rlly bad in AoE dmg.

for 4 years straight now? how about no? cause im sick of playing stupid ranged i dont even enjoy but instead of solving the problem you try to point people to play ranged instead of melee we feral players enjoy imagine me telling you to go play a warlock if shadow was garbage in every aspect like utility or aoe and your best dps was st , put yourself in our shoes and then bash us to play most boring ranged ingame , if i wanted to play ranged class i would pick up a fire mage but i dont want to . instead of blizzard listening to feedback their excuses are white knights like you saying “go balance” how about no ? we feral players are tired of being treated like garbage for 4 years now , we want changes and forums exist to provide feedback but if you are bored and want to troll on my thread please leave , thank you

yeah says some random russian player i dont even care about , how about you focus your time on something smarter than wasting your time trying to troll , and do something more productive than drinking vodka

thank you for explaining this to him , because this guy probably got outdps by feral on st in raid and is mad trying to troll on the thread :stuck_out_tongue: