My idea on Season of mastery could look like moving forward

Hello fellow wow players and blizzard, would just like to share my thought on what I think Season of mastery could look like looking forward. I like the concept you have come up with, but would like to see some stuff added to it.
When we at some point, hopefully :blush:, get a re-release of Woltk, I would be awesome to see the Season of mastery concept for all the 3 expansions, Classic → TBC → Woltk.
What will the players get to keep?
They will get to keep their characters, but will get wiped back to level 1, no gear. No gold. No professions. Just their name and character + the stuff listed down below:

  1. specific character titles for Season of Mastery.
  2. Specific achievement system for Season of Mastery.
  3. Specific mount tab for every expansion version of Season of Mastery, you get to keep collected mounts, will re - unlock at following levels:
    Classic mounts = level 40 and 60% and level 60 for 100% mounts.
    TBC mounts = level 70.
    Woltk = level 80.
  4. Maybe some kind of reward system for going through a new season every year. Maybe a seasonal title and badass mount for each season you kill last boss in each expansion.

I think that these ideas would give you something to come back to for each season. And maybe as an collector want to get back into the game each year, and do all 3 seasonal versions of the game.

feel free to come up with your own ideas in this thread, this was just a coupel of thoes i where thinking about, maybe you got some nice ideas to add to the thread.

oh, and happy 17th anniversary fellow players. keep gameing hard :smiley:
Regards, Défiler

elite mounts at lvl 40 in som and flying mounts at lvl 60 (maybe basic mounts at lvl 20)
elite mounts 200 gold at lvl 40
flying mounts 900 to 1000 gold at lvl 60 - rare flying mounts boss drops from raids and 3 or 4 as faction vendors and deps reputation) flying mounts.
this along with understanding that instanced raids deems blizzard totally capable of making totally new raids (even look different) for each raid, there really is no limit to what they COULD have done to raids. just kept world buff but made the raids totally new.

with these implementations and some tweaks som would have nailed it imo.

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