My lil wishlist for 10.0

I wish that both Mistweaver and Fisteweaver are options to play. when you decided to play a damagehealer our DPS got increased. As a negative effect, our power for active healing goes down.

So for our pure HPS Monks, I like to change our Essence font. It feels not right that we channelling 6 seconds to heal the group. So I wish that Upwelling gets changed so player channel also 3s but double the orbs we send flying away.

Our mastery is not that great so we need to reform this.
It must work for both arts of healing.

For Mistweaver:
I would like to see an improved Gust of Mist so every single-target healing activates it so that every player who got an HoT from EF or ReM becomes an extra potion from our healing.
For the Fistweaver it will be our AtoTm Healing it starts with 50% of our Dmg from all our DPS Skills that got transferred to Healing.

I like the idea of Yu’lon but I wish that we get a manatea included.

For our beloved Cracbird, I like to see that it multiplicates the targets we heal with our mastery healing.


i would like to see a talent choice for mistweaver and fistweaver a tree that could seperate them left to right and could be some spells, after the middle choice could corelate both in a sence or aditional utility but going to sides should make drastic differences in playstyle

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