My World of Warcraft


Hi folks,

Putting down all the years of my World of Warcraft experience ( since Classic open Beta ) I decided to take all the things I liked and all the things that I believe should be improved, combine them and share my thoughts on how the game should eventually be. All the criticism is welcome but please be polite.

1. World

  • Remake the map to be played in all expansions.

  • Make areas to need specific levels again

  • Make expansion specific areas have endgame profession specs, recipes and mats ( Pandarian cooking etc ), cap level lore and reputation.

  • Give quests that force the player to travel across the globe

  • Add Rep grind areas With quest drop items (like Felwood)

2. Leveling

  • Lower the cap level to 100

  • Lower the experience so that each zone gives arround 1.2 level after level 20

  • Force the players to travel and level arround the globe

  • Classic Content = 1-60, TBC = 60-65, WotLK= 65-70, CATA = 70-75, MOP = 75-80, WOD = 80-85, LEGION = 85-90, BFA = 90-95, New Exp = 95-100.

3. Mobs

  • Make mobs harder to kill and give them more damage

  • Make elite mobs need 2+ to kill and hit hard

  • Go back to the old rare mob system

  • Each mob type should drop specific items (beasts cannot drop gear etc)

4. Quests

  • Race starting zones should have the Race Lore + Legendary NPCs of specific class lores

  • Quest rewards in starting zones should ONLY be related to that race

  • Final quest in each Zone should reward an item that is better than dungeon items as it took time to grind

  • Level: 1-10 Quests rewards = White items + Consumables + utility items like bags etc, 10-100 Quest rewards = Green items + recipes + Consumables

  • Starting from level 20 only the last quests should reward blue items

  • Endgame Quest rewards must be up to Blue items - Mounts - Bags and should force the player to travel and do a lot to complete

  • Endgame Profession Quest rewards must be up to blue recipes etc and professions like alchemy should not reward high endgame recipes

  • Lower the number of quests per area by removing random quests and stick to the area lore

  • Add profession and class quests in each area

5. Races and Classes

  • Each race should be able to make specific classes. Some races must have extra abilities or passives that make them shine with a specific class

  • All classes have unique and specific skills that require specific actions ( quests, dungeon completion ) to be gained ( warrior stances etc )

  • Bring back Skill level, Resistances, Hit chances and all defensive skills like Dodge etc

  • Give all classes the ability to wear specific weapon types with the racial passive skills active

  • Bring back the off weapon slots ( Bows, Wands etc ) and create throw weapon drops with stats

  • Classes should be able to have all the skills available and choose which ones are strong to use with their spec

  • Only spec specific skills through leveling progression can be chosen to be used to make a spec differ ( warrior shield skills etc )

  • Every class should have its own buff to share and at least 1 utility skill

  • Class Masters should be in specific areas with lets say class holds like Monasteries for monks, Temples for Priests etc and those areas must be a must to visit for all expansions

  • Class changes and additions:

Hunter: Bring back the ammo and quiver system, Make close range use melee, force all specs to have a pet (remove marksman no pet buff)

Paladin: Bring back Paladin Auras and buffs

Demon Hunter: Create a ranged attack power third spec

Warrior: Make fury be able to choose between 1hands and 2hands

Rogue: Bring back the old poison system

  • All class unique professions should have material gathering ( poisons, portals etc )

  • All Racial actives should have less CD time to make the Races stand out more

  • Paladins belong to the Alliance and Shamans to the Horde


  • All races should have Quests to get a ground mount and a flying mount that is unique to their lore (raptors, bats etc)

  • Mounts should be made available at level 10 with slow speed that increases with leveling

  • Each mount type must be unique ( Tigers run faster etc )

  • Flying mounts should be made available at level 60 with slow speed that increases with leveling


  • Leatherworking, Clothing and Blacksmithing must have set recipes (even white recipes with armor bonus) for all level ranges 1-10, 10-20 etc

  • Blacksmithing must have weapon set recipes (even white recipes with hit chance bonus) for all level ranges 1-10, 10-20 etc

  • Jewelcrafting must be taken back to the old system with color gems etc

  • Woodworking must be added to the game that makes Wands, Shields, Bows, Staves, Toys, dummies and many more items

  • All professions, when leveled up to a specific point should give the player a passive or active skill ( old system )

  • All specs must produce a consumable or item buff

  • Gathering specs should take longer time to finish gathering and gathering items should require a specific level of profession to be worn

  • Skinning should be able to collect unique beast gathering materials for specific items ( scales etc )

  • Make blue item and epic item recipes really hard to collect all the required items

8.Experience & Reputation Bonus

  • Heirloom experience bonus should be removed

  • Experience gems should exist with jewelcrafters making them and the exp buff should be lower to higher depending on gem level: Gem level 1-10 = 0.05% etc

  • Experience elixirs should exist with alchemy making them and the exp buff should be lower to higher depending on elixir level: Elixir level 1-10 = 0.05% etc

  • Experience enchants should exist with Enchanting making them and the exp enchant should be lower to higher depending on enchant level: enchant level 1-10 = 0.05% etc. Exp enchant should only be available to rings

  • All exp bonus recipes must drop from rare spawns and should be soulbound

  • All reputation factions should have a quartermaster that sells their tabard and the tabard must be worn for the wearer to be able to gain reputation with that faction (even leveling zones)

  • All dungeon bosses in reputation zones should give reputation

  • Starting from white tabard up to blue tabard for leveling zones and up to epic tabard for endgame zones, each tabard should give +% more rep with the zone and it is available to buy after each reputation level: Neutral = White etc up to revered


  • All heirlooms should be removed

  • All level ranges should have set pieces as drops (even 1-10 whites with armor or hit chance or minor stat bonuses)

  • All item drop chance should be lowered to the minimum (4.5-6% for greens, 1-3% for blues and 0.5 - 0.8% for epic)

  • All recipe drop chance should be lowered to the minimum

  • All rare mob drop chance should be lowered to the minimum

  • War and Titan forging should be removed

  • Item main stat number should drop or crafted as random ( Str: 1 to 5 for levels 1-5 or 5 to 10 for level 5-10 etc) for Green and blue items with stamina being a fixed number (only world drop or crafted, not dungeon drop or pvp reward)

  • Epic gear must be really hard to get ( Classic wow system ) and should only drop from raids or high-end pvp reward

  • Epic crafted gear recipes should only drop from Raids

  • Mythic+ should not drop gear but have a chance to drop a +1 ilevel point item that can be added to the item up to 20 ilevel per item

  • Heroic dungeons drop blue dungeon set items that cannot be found in normal dungeons and there is a set item or weapon set or ring set that can be dropped only from the last boss

10. Dungeons

  • Normal dungeons drop leveling gear and sets that are not cap level

  • Heroic dungeons drop blue gear and their final boss has a chance to drop the 0.5 Tier dungeon set

  • Mythic dungeons drop the same blue gear like Heroics but with 0/20 ilevel slots to buff from the items dropped in Mythic+

  • Mythic+ drops a +1 ilevel item per run. Each Mythic+ level (+1 +2 etc) drops a specific +1ilevel with 100% chance to upgrade the item ilevel but if a Mythic+2 item is placed on a 5/20 ilevel weapon then it has 40% chance to update it.

  • Mounts can be dropped in any difficulty but have more chance per dungeon difficulty up to 2% for M+15 and above

  • 10man Dungeons should be added that are harder to complete and drop 0.75 tier set and should work with the Mythic+ way as well

  • 10man Dungeons bosses have a chance to drop a unique epic item (see Rend from UBRS etc)

  • All dungeons must have profession oriented drops or collectables ( even skinning ) that are used to make the part for the 0.5 set item that is craftable or the 0.75 set item that is craftable


  • LFR should be removed

  • Raid gear must have the base higher ilvl

12.BiS and Gold

  • BiS is not necessary raid gear

  • All items should have bonus like chance to make extra attack on weapons etc ( classic system )

  • Lower gold values and drop (classic system)


  • Bring PVP vendors back

  • Bring the old classic ranking back (Scout - Grand Marshall etc)

  • Dishonorable kills must come back (classic wow system)

This concludes it folks. Add anything you like and argue about things you do not like!

Thank you

(Nimrhys) #2

I’m sorry but my first thought js Yuck. Keep this stuff in Classic thanks. I disagree with 99% of this. DH ranged spec? Yes. Dungeon mobs giving rep? Yes. That’s it. Sorry.

(Except PvP I have no feelings to that)


I see some inconsistency here. You recommend making zones and continents level specific, but suggest quests that make you travel around the globe. Unless I misinterpreted and you mean that in Eastern kingdoms for example you can technically level in any zone, but some quests ask you to travel to other zones you can level in?

I disagree with “rep zones”. Restricting specific zones to the sole purpose of rep and reward farming will only attract botters and generally result in unhealthy competition in such. Whilst they could be an additional option, they should not be a sole focus for rep gaining. Perhaps again I misinterpreted here.

Are there enough zobes in the game to support this modle? If each zone awards 1.2 levels post 20, youd need to quest in approx 33 zones to hit 60. I’m not entirely sure there’s enough on kalimdor and Eastern kingdoms combined (excluding starter areas) for that to be feasible. Unless your intention is that people must do dungeons to level up too?

Whilst I’m not against making mobs more engaging, you have to be careful in just making mobs a slog to fight for the sake of it. I’d rather mobs have engaging abilities I need to be aware of than just being a sack of hp that hits hard as that doesn’t ask anything of me as a player, it simply asks of my gear.

Re: elites this is tricky. How do you make elites so they require 2 people? There is no way to design them that easily makes this the case. Classic wow was close, but even healers and tanks could solo elites back then if they played correctly. I just do t see how you make an elite require 2 people no matter your class and spec, unless you give them specific abilities/auras that make them wail hard on solo players, which is counter intuitive to people trying out challenges for themselves and seeing if they can have a go at such a quest.

Some of this I think would be cool like deeper story investment for your race in the starting zone for example.

I disagree with forcing players to travel for stuff like bags etc. Seems to me to just make it take longer for the sake of doing it. Bags are not gear and storing equipment should not be an epic quest. I’d favour the model where bags are limited to tailoring at higher level or vendors only, so like in vanilla, you saved money to buy a bag to help you store more (and make more money).

I disagree with making tradeskills only offer decent gear on extremely rare drop chances from raids. This was the old model in classic and tradeskills except alchemy and enchanting were pretty much pointless in classic Once you hit max level. What is the point of hiding recipes for gear behind raid bosses who drop equal gear, and then having the recipe take tons of resources as well? Trades kills should offer some pieces of gear that are decent, but require significant gathering and crafting. A good example is the weapons In TBC. All of the materials were farmable on very rare drops and it took lots of time to get them all (and you needed heroic dungeon drops on later ranks) but it took a lot of work to get a good weapon that whilst good, wasn’t as good as raids offered if we don’t look at procs and simply stats. That is how the tradeskills should work, otherwise you may as well just farm the raids the tradeskill requires you to for a recipe drop chance.

I disagree with a lot of these suggestions I msorry to say.
All classes being able to theoretically use any skill and master it through ranking is pointless, because unless all classes can use all class abilities, there will be no point to say having a priest who skills up their shield skill. There will always be another class who makes better use of it, so whilst it seems like freeing up choice, it’s very tokenistic and is more illusion of choice than anything else. This in my mind makes it pointless.

I disagree with the return of the hit rating and such stats. These were unfun stats you gathered simply because you had too. They didn’t make you feel more powerful in a noticeable manner. Also certain classes got away with having to stack far less of these stats than others, freeing them up to pursue proper performance stats rather than still having to gear hit.

Paladins and shaman is a hard disagree unless you make the classes identical yet thematically different (like swtor) then no way. It’s not fair to have different classes on different factions. Races are small frys for balance compared to completely different classes.

Finally just no on the races having passives for certain classes for synergy. All this will do is completely homogenise serious guilds into expecting certain races for certain classes. I mean why would you take a troll mage when you could have a belf one (assuming belf would get a passive that benefits them picking mage).

I actually think most of this could be cool (especially the mount speeds up as you level thing) but mount bonuses? Again all this will ldo is reduce wow to world of tigercaft if tigers are passively faster for example. No point having lots of mounts if only 3 will be picked. Also if mounts have unique bonuses presumably the rare dungeon ones would have better bonuses, forcing people to feel like they need to farm these mounts for actual reasons rather than just vainity.

Mixed review. I support the idea of more crafted sets. I do not support the idea of having certain gear from these trades kills require certain levels of gathering etc. As it reduces the marketability of these tradeskills. Sure, have a few items "justc for the crafter themselves (like a special set bonus in a set) but do not restrict the non crafter from using them.

Not a fan of the gathering tradeskill ability thing. I didn’t like it when it was live, all it did is reduced variety. Ie if you were doing pvp and didn’t have herbalism for lifeblood you were a nub. Let people decide tradeskills entirely on preference as to whether they want to make gear for themselves etc or don’t care. Don’t make it so any rogue who doesn’t take skinning feels like they’re missing out.

As said earlier, re: epic and rare crafts. Support the ingredients being time consuming to gather. Do not support recipes being dropped from content that awards gear equal to the craft. Tradeskills are meant to give you an option to create that kind of gear on a limited fashion (certain but not all pieces) without doing that content because instead you’ve spent a significant amount of time crafting the piece in question (see earlier comment on TBC weapons, best example of this)

No issues with this so long as it is not the only way to farm rep (going in these rep zones). Disagree with removing heirloom exp bonus as most of your changes are extremely alt unfriendly so punishing that further and you may as well limit people to 1 character slot given how long and difficult it would be to gear an alt.

Notva fan of swapping out the RNG of titsnforgi g for the RNG of stupidly rare chances to drop loot. You’re just swapping the clothes the problem is wearing but instead making epic items more coveted because they’re rare. It’s still the same issue.

I think raiding awarding the best gear is obvious. Mythic plus should be somewhat competitive with it however, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a variety of endgames. Very high mythic is a challenge and should be awarding gear better than lower difficulty raids.

If raids are to be the only place to get the best gear then you may as well remove mythic, otherwise it just becomes another stepping stone you’re placing in the way of getting to raid worthy levels, when mythic itself asks a lot at high keys. It seems to me this is a suggestion that makes gear more exclusive but at the same time locks it behind time and effort to a degree that very very few can get it. There’s nothing wrong with people who invest less getting some decent gear, if they’ve invested hard work in other areas. They never gear up at the rate dedicated raiders and high keurunners do anyway so I don’t see the issue. Given the other suggestions you make to nuking tradeskill crafts to behind raids, you essentially turn the endgame into one thing only: raiding. I remember classic and I remember all the barriers to raiding and I have to say for the duration I wasn’t part of that scene, it wasn’t very fun because there was literally nothing to do on my character, but raising an alt was too slow and barred so I ended up doing nothing until I did start raiding (this was facilitated by changes in my IrL time availability)

You have to be careful leith giving weapons stuff like procs an extra attack as these weapons do not age well and become difficult to replace. Remember when old wow hear have you actual crit %? Yeah that didn’t last because blizz realised these gear won’t be replaced because gloves giving you say 2% crit on their own is freaking overpowered. The same for swords that strike twice. This said I’d like to see more interesting effects on weapons etc. Just make them so they can be replaced. Extra attacks are too strong because the effect doesn’t grow weak over time. A sword that procs a 50 frost nuke is great until you realise 50 damage isn’t tickling the mobs anymore. A sword that thrashes can be decent even later becausecif it causes ability x to hit twice and ability x scales with attack power and not weapon damage, then its worth using a pants weapon for this chance. This is why hand of justice was so op back in the day.

Re: pvp a ranking system would be cool but not the exact same model. It was a mindless grindfest and you had to invest a ridiculously unhealthy amount of time to get the high ranks. It rewarded people who can spam BGs more times a day as opposed to people who were skillful in player versus player.

Thanks for taking the time to write up such a long list though rather than the usual “moan, without suggestions”. It’s nice to see something constructive even if I disagree with a fair portion!


That’s a great idea, OP. I enjoyed reading it - I do have one critique however. I think what would make it better is if an exalted reputation timegated quest was added. I think that this would be a lore friendly and fun way to add more enjoyment into your idea.


Nope :poop::poop::poop::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


If the leaks and fair assumption is to be believed we will get a level squish down to 50 and the new max level will be 60 again.

I highly support this.

(Punyelf) #7

I honestly think those that are hankering for Classic style game play should just wait for August :slight_smile:

(Alexima) #8

Judging by what i’m seeing from you, You’re more of a classic type of guy player and would rather make things like how it used to be.

It’s admirable, but most of what you’re asking is either extremely difficult to do, will take a considerable amount of time to do, or are just not really casual friendly at all. So while a small portion of players will like that, the majority won’t.

Blizzard’s decision of separating the playerbase into classic and retail is probably a much better choice if i’m being honest. Retail has its extremes like mythic raiding and has its easiest like warfronts. No need to make everything much harder for everyone there.

I do however, like the idea of making quests global. Not just in 2 zones. But going back and forth to northrend, outland, or even draenor of all places. But i doubt its in their capability of doing so. I mean how many quests can they make? One or two for each zone maybe? It’s always going to be a small finite amount. So while in theory, it’s amazing, it won’t happen as you want it.


No thanks :smile:


I agree with only a few of these, if you want classic, play classic.

Demon hunters 3rd spec.

I would like the 2nd weapon slot, the wand for casters, totems for shamans, relics for pally etc

And a few more.

Overall id say, there are a few things i would like to see, some that i’m neutral, but a lot of them i am against.

i would not like weapon skills, it’s just boring af, neither hit or dumb stats like that.

Poisons are more than fine how they work now, but i would extend them on the other 2 specs, with the focus on assassination.

I say this, there are things from classic that are good, but there are also things that are just annoying and boring, classic is not a perfect game, things like weapon skills are just bad.


Really sounds like bringing vanilla to retail without caring if the changes would actually be better.

There are some great and some terrible ideas here and there and overall i doubt it would be a good idea to implement all of these changes.

For example i don’t see how the old rank system would be better than the current one as long as Gear is involved.

May develop my point later but for now i’ll stop here.

Great post though.

(Lepanto) #12

Very long write up. You want Classic on steroids. Well, you are getting Classic I guess.

Thankfully this ain’t going to happen with retail


You basically need to play classic.
We cant transform Retail to classic just because you want it…
But hey, good news pretty damn soon classic comes out and there is your chance!

(Aldru) #14

OP you have about a month for classic where all this is in.
Also big no to Hunter stuff, give me back MoP style but with LW for MM and we good.


Yes man…

I would like to add one thing and that is expansions time traveling with Your lvl or with Your quests completed. Can’t really explain it, cauz my English speaking is horrible, but I think ppl should start at the point, where Azeroth was not changed by Cataclysm for example. To that point, people should move when They actually start do Cataclysm expansion. Hope everyone got my point here.

Yes! Man I have to agree here again with You… I hate this fast lvling, I am forced to even stop gaining experiences, because I can’t even finish Vanilla zones and I’m already lvl60… It’s so annoying this fast leveling, I hate this!

I’m not sure about the last point. What I mean, I am trying (while questing) to gather everything around me, that I can. For example I mine, I fish and I kill monsters around me in hope dropping materials, trash or even gear that I can sell at AH.

Again love Your idea here, but I have no problem with doing side quests. I take it as a little variegation while doing quests.

Agree with most of them, but disagree with a few points.

For example I don’t like the idea of “Paladins only Ally/Shamans only Horde!”.

Just think about what are those classes and what is required to be able to have them… You pretty much have to be just good guy to be able to play Paladin… And Shamans are hippie with strong relationship with nature, elements, animals… Which Dwarfs and Draenei have…
Also lowering CD on racials are nonsense to me. It will not be speical anymore, it will become just another spell to You…

Overall what You’re saying here, I love the idea!

Blizzard, hire this guy plz :pray:!

(Zyipp) #16

“Force players…”
“Remove Heirlooms”
“Remove LFR”

Mate, next month, Classic goes live.
Go try it and see if its for you.

(Nithsethel) #17

If you want all that just play Classic. Got bored reading half way through but sounds like you just want to turn retail back to classic.


Guys you are brilliant. I like all the answers because they have points explaining. Lets hear more people thoughts.


I don’t want to be forced to play every single expansion, I just want to play end-game.

And be forced into specific areas? No thanks.

I rather waste my time waiting for soundless to spawn.

And having to fight for mobs all the time? No thanks. Current quest designs that have this with alliance/horde combined is already bad enough.

I don’t really care about level cap, but I would prefer a lower value due to a “level” feeling like it’s worth more. It’s a matter of how much you get for a level tbh.

I rather have a choice of which expansion I play. And when I do, I rather finish this whole expansion from start to end and be max level once done.

No thanks, I like it the way it is right now, though scaling is a bit meh at times.

And force me to play in groups? You know how much time recruiting takes? Besides, with the current sharding system you will always have someone around to do it without without a group.

No idea what this is, but it sounds like you’d be more interested in classic

This I actually agree with, I think this would be nice for RP immersion.

Starting zones need an overhaul in general imo, the first 100 levels are the ones I hate the most when creating an alt and I end up quitting at 40~60 because it’s just excruciating to go through.

I agree. Lore immersion is important. This also means that imo each alliance race should get their own starting zone.

I would like to have a different marker for actual lore related story quests, like we have orange for the campaign. This way it’s easier to keep track of what’s story and what’s side-quests.

This is a disaster for balance. Imo every race should be able to have every class.

Kind of like the essence system now? It would add to the sense of completion, but should not be a difficult task nor chore.

We already have dodge (avoidance), my DH makes a lot of use of it. Resistances are also in-game but heavy resistance would nullify a certain preferred play-style. You love fire mages? well tough luck, this patch you can’t play fire mage because the end-raid contains several fire bosses. No, I don’t want this system unless you can change the type of elements without changing the skills.

You’ll end up with useless skills that are never picked this way.

If every class is special, no class is special. I love that DH are being picked for their 5% magic damage increase on their targets, don’t give this to every other class.

Ehhh no.

Pets are the worst in WoW. They are buggy, hard to control and I hate having them in general as there’s yet another thing to pay attention to. It’s the reason I’m not playing warlock for example.

Not sure, unless it’s the same type of gameplay as melee, fast action based. Would also accept it as fel healer though (no cast times)

I think mounts should be available from the start and increase speed automatically when leveling, including unlocking flying automatically at level 1.

No, I want to be able to use the mount I like for looks, not for stats.

Flying should be available from the start. I don’t care about low levels, don’t force me through legacy content this way. It’s one of the things that stops me from leveling.

Agreed, should be moved to a passive buff for the zone based on whether or not you’ve completed it. Want to get end-game? You’re fast through zones completed. You want to explore the expansion? You level slow so you don’t end up being max level halfway through the expansion.

Heirloom gear should also be removed imo, much more fun to receive actual gear from quests and dungeons.

Reputation should be gained regardless. Don’t force mogs on me.

All dungeons should give reputation.

Disagree. There should be a system in place to manually warforge/titanforge, similar to how benthic gear works.

Sets should drop from Raids, normal epic gear from M+ and PvP.

I’d like to have loot at the end of the dungeon that I can use. I don’t want to run 100 dungeons just to have 2 or 3 items.

Hard disagree here. M+ is the only way to farm gear right now.


Benthic gear is better than raid gear for the raid at the moment and I believe I have 0 raid pieces because M+ usually drops better stuff.



Well, at least with this kind of mentality he has a shot at getting a job at Blizzard if he ever decides to change career. lol