Mystery solved: why loyalists may feel the way we do

I just figured something.
I remember the stories of how the loyalist-thing was added last-minute. I just checked the ptr-forum but ofc the new patch is there so nothing relevant.
But here’s the thing. Not having the choice to be a loyalist would have heavily foreshadowed Sylvanas going full evil. Blizzard made me into an enemy of my faction simply because they couldn’t handle the story getting spoiled.
They really did not think this story through properly.
Great job, Blizzard! holds up sarcasm sign


They decided to run with Siege of Orgrimmar again, but they also caved to people who complained and gave them the option of “siding” with Sylvanas, even though I think everybody knows it’s going to end with Sylvanas betraying them too because running two separate narratives for the Horde isn’t going to last - it barely does already.

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You have a point.
I just realized another thing while I was writing up an edit in another post. I’m just gonna quote it here.

I sided with Sylvanas because I hate the rebels. That’s it.

I’m glad that we got an option to do so because otherwise this expansion would have been even more insufferable. And I hope that we get the option to side against the current Horde going forward.


Well, it was obvious since the Blizzcon picture that Sylvanas will be relevant in the next expansion, so I don’t think it’s anything new.

You could go and play alliance.

I already am. It’s just the banner is red for some reason.


Just for my own clarity (sorry for being obtuse) but are you roleplaying high elf or are you (like me) disgruntled that the Horde is slowly turning into Alliance?

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I’m not a damn High Elf, I hate both factions.


The MHPs already looking at you!



Stop appropriating my fashion.

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Tis mine now!

Yep, they basically added the so called “Loyalist” path because of the massive backlash not having a choice caused.
They probably had to rewrite the story a bit because of the change they made.

Still I am surprised that there actually is some difference in the story after the choice, I just expected them to combine the story for both sides right before ousting Sylvanas from the Warchief position.
But in the end they’re probably just gonna end the storyline by having Sylvanas betray the player so that they don’t have to write 2 different stories (and because Alliance players are gonna whine if they don’t have a choice of their own) and it’s only a matter of time when that happens.

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I have no doubt Sylvanas will betray the players. I expect Sylvanas to simply disappear when she has what she needs and we’re too distracted by other evils to look for her in the foreseeable future.


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