Mythic + Feedback (Valor, Affixes & General)


I just wanted to provide some general feedback for Mythic +, discuss some frustration points and talk about possible improvements.


The double time gating system on Valor is a point of contention for me. I understand the rating system but capping each character’s weekly amount seems an unnecessary attempt at either protecting players from themselves or artificially holding players back. If you play constantly, valor is a way to feel like you are still achieving something, whilst already battling to achieve better rating so you can upgrade your gear more.
It’s possible that you are keeping average players hard-stuck at rating on a weekly basis when they could be upgrading gear, playing more and having a time-positive experience. Pick one gate or the other, both is too much.


The seasonal affix is kind of boring, in that it provides a marginal benefit to players who handle it successfully. I propose you either increase the time the debuff/buff is around, giving extra time for clearing or give a greater benefit to the remaining player by doubling the effect or increasing the time they have it.


Added difficulty is great but I think the affixes in general are overtly negative and it feels frustrating to play around a lot of them. A trade off would be to add some form of positive effect, whilst retaining the negatives, such as volcanic providing mastery if you are hit by it, storming giving haste after being knocked up, sanguine giving mastery or standing in it soaks it up – this or other such ideas. Not everything has to be a bad time, it should come with a threat whilst also rewarding players who can play around it – not everything has to kill you.

Season 1 Dungeon pool
A minor point but one that is annoying in the first season of an expansion is going back to old dungeons. I’ve barely seen some of the DF dungeons and it feels bad to be farming Legion/WoD dungeons again. It’s a cool idea (maybe for season 2+) but not at the expense of the new dungeons. I want to play DF in the immediate future, not spend half my time in what is very recent “old” content.

Tier sets
I’ve heard that you plan to gate tier sets further behind weeks of currency, whilst also holding them back until late January for dungeon runners. I don’t understand why when you have a clear roadmap for content already planned. You are basically making some players not want to play for another 2 months which as far as I can tell is at the benefit of no-one. It’s just like the valor thing - It’s incredibly frustrating for almost no positive reason except forcing people to raid or get lucky. Why are you so hard focussed on raids when people don’t want to raid anymore. Getting tier as a dungeon runner has nothing to do with skill, you are just saying “well you have to wait”. That is terrible design.

All in all the dungeons are good and I’ve been having a good time but I feel like sometimes we aren’t making any progress and it’s stagnant.

Thanks for reading.



Good post. Agree with all points.

Agree 100%. Affixes only add frustration. There is little to no upside. Thundering is the second worst affix they ever made, only beaten by the extremely bugged Infested.


Tbh I’m happy that we got the older dungeons as those were my only chance to get a +16 intime during the first weeks. I skip most of the df dungeons cause it’s just not worth the time to wipe there

It’s so depressing, because I think we all wanted to like Dragonflight, and the continent is nice and there’s many nice changes…but almost everything about Mythic+ is genuinely worse than previous seasons. How does a company, collectively, decide to make these changes and say “yep, that looks good”? It’s actually mind-boggling. Actually saddening.

I completely agree, by the way. I think Blizzard read the word “boRroWed PoweR” and completely forgot to read any other nuance into it other than just its face value. The tier set being timegated behind 6 full weeks of the season is one of the most insanely hare-brained decisions I’ve ever seen made by a collective of decisionsmakers. The only good thing about this awful, awful seasonal affix…is that it used to be much, much worse, and that’s not really a good thing.

Surprisingly enough, I don’t even mind the old dungeons this season. I look forward to doing more of the old dungeons than the new ones, and I just think the DF season pool is generally poor. Dunno what happened between now and Shadowlands, but Shadowlands dungeons were better than this. Also, where are the dungeons everybody actually wants, like Freehold and Waycrest and so on? Who decided to add in the ones we have this season?

I just…I dunno. Who is making these decisions at Blizzard? It’s weird, 'cause they make so few actually good ones.

Gating max vault behind hard core skill level players is another Ion move. I can not express how much I want him to stream live how he’s doing in these dungeons for a week and see his progress.

Maybe he’ll come to his senses if he’s feeling the pain as well. This Season is far worse than any expansion before and a major deal breaker.


I think I can understand this but it highlights another issue, which is the balance of the new dungeons.
It’s interesting that there are almost no new easy dungeons (not like SBG or CoS) in the S1 pool, if you are trying to make people love your new expansion it seems a bit off.

Fair point.

Because there is almost only negative Feedback here, i want to say some good things.
I love Blizzards fast way to react this M+ Season. Also at first i did not like the thundering affix, but now i really feel like it is cool not having to preplan everything around the seasonal affix. I also like having different Dungeons each Season. The only real criticism i have, is that the explosive affix needs some tuning. It is no fun spending 50% of my globals clearing Explosives.

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