Mythic+ High Keys Abated for Rest of Season 2

We plan to implement the following adjustment to Mythic+ dungeons with scheduled weekly maintenance on 23 August.

M+ Dungeons

  • Above keystone level 20, each additional keystone level will now increase enemy health and damage by 8% (was 10%).

We’ve recently made and are currently making a number of adjustments to specs that were particularly powerful in Mythic+, and while we feel these changes will have the desired effect, we’ve also heard concerns that it may now be much more difficult to complete very high keys and achieve ratings that were previously within reach. We think this is a fair concern, so we’re making a temporary adjustment to the scaling of key levels above 20 in the hope that it provides players some space to continue competing for Mythic+ rating before the end of Season 2.

This change will remain in effect until Dragonflight Season 3 begins.


Dungeons really needs to be looked at specifically. Not only for 20 keys and above.
I can think of tuning needs for both Vortex and Halls.

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Ok, that’s a really smart decision

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I just cant, cant understand why did you nerf dungeons? if you do it then why did you nerf classes? I just dont understand! What is the point?

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Because this buffs every single unnerfed class, while mages go out neutral

You should rethink the dungeon design as a whole. If high key pushers are annoyed it could be an concern but let’s be real. Is the business value really that high to waste resources on 0,1% playerbase?

But they took the most minimal and imo the smartest approach to fix it. The alternative would be to buff everything hard, so they get as strong as the god comp before (would be ridiculous)

Make Mass Dispell less impactful in the dungeons as well please.

Why do we get another 36 little bandaid patches instead of just actually fixing what’s wrong with the dungeons?

Like I don’t understand, does blizzard honestly not know what’s wrong with the dungeon design or do they just don’t care?

At least we got something I guess.

Euhm why? I mean why tuning needs to be done under +20 keys? They are easy enough

because instead of nerfing certain classes this one should be done at first

or remove such mechanics so same encounters could be done without having certain one class to time the key

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Because the outliers are and were being nerfed to bring them closer to the rest of the classes and specs (their still way out there simply cause of utility btw) but this then meant people could not compete for the top 1% or 0.1% due to the previous power levels no longer being applied. So instead of buffing other classes and trying to balance, they nerfed the scaling of the dungeons giving other classes a sort of pseudo buff but only in M+ .

First of all its not enough. U need to significantly improve the Perfomance of other classes… cause u dont understand why the exodia is that strong… u are nerfing the exodia comp all the time… and it doesnt matter… maybe u dont play a fire mage any more… but the two other speccs are now competitive with fire… and this will not end to be the best comp for the rest of the season… Stop nerfing everything Buff other classes… and where are the raid nerfes to compensate all the nerfs u are doin?

AND BTW!! The 10% Aura Dmg nerf for Holy Paladins has more impact then u can think… u are nerfing Avenging Crusader and Veneration even more… and those talents dont see any play

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