Mythic+ leavers

there needs to be some kind of penality system for people who leave mythics, maybe even a -50 rating for each level of key simply so we can weed out the useless ones who leave after one wipe or someone goes a different way, only managed 3 keys this week due to leavers, i already report and it does something if enough people report but thats a big “IF” if we could see who leaves constantly then we could keep these incels from ruining others gameplay


You need to learn to use google and understand why this wouldn’t work.

Grow up.

well as soon as one person leaves the keys burnt, not exactly diffcult it to cancel the key when one person leaves then only that person looses the rating, if you leave half way through then that ones on you for loosing the rating and having people be able to see that you can’t comit to a dungeon run


So if I join a key and 4 people don’t interrupt, do less damage than the healer and die to everything, I have to sit there wiping and not leaving to avoid a rating loss?

Lets think about this… I can

  1. Log off, avoids your dumb useless idea all together
  2. Grief the group for lols because I’m hostage and can’t leave so may as well try to get them to leave to avoid the punishment.

Stupid thoughtless idea.

or or… heres a magical idea, talk to people like a human being, explain what they need to do and help them, i guess you would know about being thoughless


I mean, if you did that before the groups formed you wouldn’t be in the position where people leave would you?

But I’m not there to train people on their class, utility and tactics at mid key levels. Why is the expectation that I show consideration when they aren’t?


Play better → no one leaves.
Make your own group → no one leaves

And there’s the problem “play better” everyone learns at different speeds (personally i learn the dungeons beforehand) some people are major casual players that dont spend every waking moment learn every little mechanic in each and every dungeon, as for the make your own group, thats whats been happening but we get people who agree to a chill run then rage and alt f4 after 1 wipe, why should 4 people have to be penailsiled cause 1 has major anger problems and can’t handle 1 wipe and they get no repercussions for ruining a group and burning someones key

People are leaving keys for fun…

if u dont want to have leavers in ur key - make ur group with a big note - WEEKLY NO LEAVERS. It works. U will get a lot of players who can sit with u 1 or 2 or even more hours.
Players like me dont want to waist time with group who are just chilling and came to have some fun: maybe kicks, maybe stuns, maybe dps, maybe avoid.

Thats what i have been doing, and i will admit it does work to a certain extent, but you still get the odd idiot who will say one thing then do another, if someone does it in pvp the group looses mmr but theres no penalty for doing it in pve

Pug life :relieved: I suggest to the leaders to be more picky!

So many elitist attitudes, its quite simple, my suggestion on this… You add a vote system, so you can get to call a vote if you wanna give up the dungeon or not, if it is still timed, 4 out of 5 players vote yes… .you can leave without penalty, if less than 4 vote yes, you get a penalty, furthermore, when your key is out of time 2 out of 5 votes are required to leave a key without penalty. To add to this, once the team has 20 or 25 + deaths, you can leave without penalty, to avoid hostage taking, at least 50% of the deaths MUST be from other players, if the deaths are from the same player, it doesent work, to avoid sabotage or something like that. I dont know what punishment would be good, like make the player not be able to use group finder or any1 with him in group to use group finder, they can do mythic + with their guild/friends, but not over dungeon finder. Or, make them lose 1 weekly reward from m+ and have to farm it up again, or dunno, make it if you leave once you get 1 day no group finder, leave twice in a short period of time, 3 days no group finder + remove 1 reward and he has to do 5 more mythics to get it. And yes, the key isnt saved, its depleted, but the player is punished for sabotaging.


Why make it so convoluted? Isn’t a simpler solution to just not PUG and make some friends?

You can’t even win with that. I’ve seen a 2.4k warrior join a +15, dive in and pop all there CD’s on the first pack, pull aggro and die, then just say “kek rip” and leave the group.

Well @Atriohm I only play with a couple of friends, we are not all on at the same time, when we are we play together but still, if there is a leaver punishment for solo arena, there should be one for m+.

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Solo arena the game pairs you with people.

M+ you hand pick them.

How many times does this have to be explained?

And what is the difference? Not like I can see if the person is a leaver or not, so the fact that I pick my teammates changes nothing.


I can see you’re the reason this thread exists. You basically define the problem. Well done specimen.


I don’t leave keys. Go troll someone else classic andy.

Hand pick them? You mean random people form a random list and you randomly pick them based on a number an addon generates for you? If that’s hand picking for you you’re doing it wrong.
What would be nice to see are some extended statistics, if you could see in LFG interface when you hover over a player a number of leaves vs a number of timed/untimed completed runs that would give you an indicator if a player is worth your time.