Mythic+ on PTR undertuned?

Like the title says, what I’m wondering is if the mythic+ on the current 10.2 PTR is undertuned? Considering we’re running around with downscaled gear to 440, it feels very easy to finish a +20 on time, and in most cases with a lot of time left on the timer. People have even completed +27s on time. I’m aware that there will be tuning, but isn’t it like very much undertuned right now? There’s no way it goes into live like this.

Usually they will horrortune this 3 days before release so no one it hating to much

this is easy because u are using s3 tier set and trinkets.
I v tried to play with s2 tier set - went way more harder. Trust me - its balanced exactly for s3 Items :slight_smile:
Speaking from Tank POV (VDH)
Whatever - 20s were always easy on start of the season. Like I mean easy for those who understands how to play m+ :slight_smile: And Trust you will deplete a lof ot keys at start cause Dungeons are new to 99% of players - not everyone is playing PTR. So chill, you ll get ur “struggle” Portion :slight_smile:

The first dungeon I did was a +20 DHT on my DK with S2 gear, because I didn’t know you could just go to Orgrimmar to get S3 gear. It still felt extremely underwhelming.

Hope so. Just feels very boring at the moment.

Not really. They are just tuned for current ilvls (and you have the new items from the raid).

Do not forget that in normal seasons dungeons are buffed by 30%. Because this season our gear will be on lfr level instead of normal level, they will probably buff them by way more (probably double that, or 60%).

Just make this comparison:

  • At the start of S2 of DF, our ilvl was 421-424 (normal mode gear for this tier) and people could do pretty easily 14-17s (even some 20s)

  • At the start of S3 of DF, our ilvl will be lfr level. This would be the same as starting S2 with 411ilvl instead of 424.

From the above you can understand more or less how difficult dungeons are expected to be.

Ah, thank you. Makes more sense. So I will most likely not be able to run into a +20 right away when season 3 is live. Some dungeons are definitely easier than others tho, but could just be because I did them a lot back when they were current content.