Mythic Plus NEW Team is looking for members

Hello, i am a Main Tank and i decided to open a Mythic Plus team for the next season to push higher than 20s and see our limits but for this season the goal would be to get decent as team-players and shotcalling while obviously doing keys and improving as group, that said it does mean that we won’t be starting by doing 20+ the first day.

What am i looking for?

  1. People not toxic, fails can happen and this is part of the game, no need to be toxic or yelling.

  2. People that can use discord and have a working mic

  3. People that have time to be able to play overall, we will play after 17:00(Server time)CET, i do also have raids on Wednesday & Thursday so these 2 days i will not be able to do keys.

  4. Would be great having a backup class just in case your main class gets annihilated by nerfs, currently i am playing Bear and sorting out a Demon Hunter.

  5. Having a decent knowledge of your class and being able to understand route(s)

  6. Being a team-player and not just someone who does care only about the Details.

If you guys are interested, you can add directly me on battlenet so we can have a chat

Battlenet: OTPLoreTTV#2871

iskater2 sent a friend req :slight_smile: Im highly interested in raiding in your guild and high m+ keys. I seek good times and also a wow career

I added you, we can have a chat today!

Still looking for some people for the team =)

Hey, I am looking for team atm.

I am interested in pushing +20s even in this season since I did most 22s and some 23s.

I am cooperative, not toxic, have discord etc, this is my main so you can check stuff.

If you are interested, hit my Bnet


Hello, i think i sended you the request

Still looking for some people!


Are you looking for a healer ? This is my priest and I couldn’t get into mythic this season yet. Also have a restoration shaman ready for keys.

https ://

If you are in need of a healer I would love to join.

Hey guys !

For now we are looking just for DPS only.

Still looking for some dps =). We are starting to do some 20+ soon

Need 1 more DPS !

LF DPS and maybe 1 tank if good experienced.

Looking for a tank or for a DPS

Currently looking for:

  1. Dps with interest in pushing high keys and team player
  2. Tank with interest in high keys, team player.

Also Fatpeonlover is the best paladin EU >.<^_^


DPS or Tank interested in pushing higher keys

Looking for a tank and a DPS for the m+ team.

Need 1 Tank and 1 DPS !

Still looking!!

We are looking for 1 DPS pref DH

Looking for Shadow Priest and DH tank/dps

We are looking for 1 DPS pref DH or Shadow Priest and a TANK

Still looking for 1 active tank and also DPS!