Mythic Raid ID lock is a weird decision

As a pug raid leader, I really can’t seem to see the benefits in this. It’s definitely anti pug, that’s for certain.

I mean, a group will be doing Eranog and Council, that much is a given, but after that, half the players are definitely going to leave, because they’ve finished their weekly vault requirements, even if the raid leader had set its goal to 4-6 bosses. After that no one is going to join your ID, because Eranog and Council holds the sweet loot while Terros and Sennarth doesn’t. You could try to start a Dathea group from Council but once again, no one will join you and miss out on Eranog and Council.

From what I’ve read, this doesn’t benefit guilds either, as they’ll either have 20 players who are bound to have a difficult time scheduling without real life issues, or have reserves, but those reserves will be at risk of not receiving jack if the main 20 players all make it.

In the end, I can’t seem to understand where the benefit in this decision lies, there could’ve been made a weak argument for how people would actually want the progression, if Blizzard hadn’t placed great loot on the first and second boss, then left the third and fourth boss to have just about nothing. You might mention tier piece from Sennarth, but Blizzard already implemented an alternative way of getting a 415 ilvl tier piece.

I’m not saying there’s no benefit, I’m saying I can’t find it, so enlighten me.

After reading the US forum

As I understand the original purpose was to prevent high end guilds from selling infinite endboss kills by copying the raid progress using alts.

Ah, that is actually a pretty reasonable argument. That being said, the addition of going from Eranog to Brood counters the need of buying a ticket to the last boss, and it’s really only reasonable to buy when the guild no longer need the equipment of the other bosses, which at that point they should’ve unlocked the skip.

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