Mythic raider LF weekend / noon raiding guild



My guild just disbanded dua lack of people wich makes me free for the market again. Because i work in Shifts so i can’t make it on normal evening raiding days so i’ve have to find a noon / weekend raiding guild.

Can raid from 13.30 till 19.30 (weekday)
Can raid from 10.00 till ?? (weekends)

I would call myself a pretty experienced player(12y PVE exp) with recieving cutting edge on every tier so far mostly around world rank 500-1000 since i’m working (Used to be top 50 pre-working).

At the moment i’m 6/8 Mythic (missed zaq’ul kill and over 200 pull on azshara) experienced holy paladin. I can play different roles and have every class on 120 willing to gear it whatever the guild needs.

I’m always open to questions and my warcraftlogs can be found easilly under Déjayz - Draenor or my BOD WCL (mained boomy) under Dejáyz - Draenor.

Thanks for reading the post and don’t be afraid to add my bnet.