Mythic+ Rewards after +15

I just got an idea. So let me hear what you guys think.

One of my biggest issues with not wanting to try and push higher keys than +15, is that you won’t get any kind of extra/better reward. So the idea I just had is what if doing a +16 counted as two +15 keys on your weekly vault? and then +17 counted as 3 +15, and so on, and so on?

What do you guys think?

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Aah so you want a system that you do 3 +17 your weekly vault is filled? No plx. Ot makes no sense running 1 - +17 gives you 3 dungeons completed while you only did 1.

Why not though? You just want +15 to be the highest you can do while getting any kind of reward for pushing your key?

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Nah this just reduces incentivity to run dungeons .

What they should do tho, is give some kind of reward . There are portals but thoae are rather uselss especialy this season. And 0.1% title is just unreachable for most . But how about they gave a small chance to obtain a part of token for socket , on keys above 15. Or something similar.

Like on 16 there will be 10% chance u get 1/3 of token for socket , on 17 it will be 15% etc . It would count as extra loot ofc, like conduits and legos.


That could also be a great idea :slight_smile:

Because the concept is. Going beyond +15s is susposed to be primarily for enjoyment of the challange.

I think its fine past a point for the content to be optional for those who love the system.

Would be cool to have a achievement for clearing all on +25 that offers a cosmetic set of gear for m+ tho or something

The whole point is that after a certain level it becomes about the fun or challenge.

If they keep giving worthwhile rewards at higher levels then somehow it becomes “mandatory” in peoples minds.

Hmm, i expected yet another “give toys, pets and mounts” topic and was ready to throw up.
This is actualy neat idea but i would suggest to do it on way higher keys than 17.

Also something above 20-25 to be able upgrade items to mythic raid level would be nice. just imho.

Would be quite a good idea for alts :slight_smile: I am doing the 8 +15’s+ on my main anyway.

I like your idea a lot.

Having farmable sockets in m+ would force players who do other kinds of content to farm it. PvPers would need that, raiders would need that. While it could be good for m+ itself, it would not be good for the game overall. Maybe if they restricted the tokens to dungeon gear only? I’m not sure if that would work…

I see the issue , but how is it fair now for m+ players that are forced to raid ? I have hc raid wep and 2 hc trinkets and they are by far superior to any dungeon trinket or wep at 304.

And dont come at me with “raid is harder cuz more players blah blah whatnot”

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It’s not. And it was not fair when PvPers had to PvE in BfA since they could barely get any gear by running arenas. But just because they’ve made the mistake of forcing people into other gamemodes before doesn’t mean we should encourage them to do it more often.

Its not exactly before its all the time .

Now pvper got their own kingdom, make same for m+ and we are good.

Edit: but thats for different topic .

I think that something else is a reskinned Deathwalker as that seems to be the M+ flex. Maybe alt upgrade items or chance of later mythic boss loots as they have higher Ilvl.

Raiders do M+ either way.

PvPers can have the same thing at 3k+ rating…
And they don’t “need” it if they just enable the M+ socket item to be unable to use on PvP scaled gear. Done.

There could be something to the notion that the rewards in the vault are based on a bar with certain checkpoints and they get filled faster with level. Otherwise you also get the awkward part of the Vault’s design when there is no way Im going lower than 15 keys, even with friends, if I already got 3 x 15 keys done.

Sure there will be those that can say “but then people will do, say 50-100 +2s and cap the same vault reward for the week”…totally fine if they wanna go through an ordeal like that.

People which really push keys dont push for the vault. Besides 15 is a reward, av + Portals. There should ne anything above 20

you are getting reward. your reward is your score going up :wink: which for examole helps a lot when new season comes and you pug :wink: or to get into much better groups then you woudl get into with bad score so you wont have to boost low score people anymore :slight_smile:

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