Mythic+ tank unbalanced

So i noticed while searching for a m+ group that when you get to around then +15 keys most add “DH tank needed” and i knew they were powerfull but its gotten to the point where i have a hard time finding a group as a tank becuse im not a demon hunter. so i thought i would check the world rankings and what i saw was nothing short of stupid, here are some of the stats from raider io.

out of the TOP100
86% Demon hunter
12% monk
1% Paladin
1% Druid
0% Warrior
0% Deathknight

worth noting is that i also checked the top500 and couldent find a single warrior… these stats basicly say that if you want to do m+ at a higher key, reroll demon hunter or monk. and i find it stupid… there will always be unbalance but this is simply not an ok level of unbalance. and its no longer enjoyable to play M+.

this is just my opinion, you dont hafto share my opinion but i thought i would share it with you.


sums up the useleness of this post.


Dh does most tank DPS and has a great toolkit, can kite, awesome self heal.
Monk does less damage, less self heal but can kite very easy and his toolkit is great too.
The other tanks do less of everything.

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The top is always gonna pick what is best, doesn’t matter if the difference is .5% or 50% … The top picks what’s best, this does affect the pug community as many conclude that if the top is doing X, so must they, nvm that the true strength doesn’t become relevant till we’re far above the key level that the casual pug community is doing.

That being said, you get much more useful information by looking at a key range. And remember to keep in mind.
A. Anything above 15 is basically just to “show of” This is key levels people do because they can, and think it’s fun, and to push RIO, it’s at this level where meta really becomes a thing.
B. Most people dont even bother doing 15’s anymore, you get your max weekly from 14’s, and the end og dungeon chest is quite useless for most if they have acces to HC raid ect.

That being said, the stats for the 10-14 area where there’s a big chunk of the player base we see the following.
6.2% Prot Warriors -> They do seem to be quite lack luster as it is right now, but as the current meta is a kite one, it is not surprising tbh.
23.7% Prot Paladin -> They’re having a good time right now.
12.0% Blood DK
14.4% BRM
12.5% Guardian
31.2% VDH, as we know they are currently very powerful, they provide solid damage, and are really good for a kite meta.

If we take a step further down the ladder, 7-9, the stats are this.
8.2% Prot warrior
26.3% Prot Paladin
13.9% BDK
12.7% BRM
12.8% Guardian
26.3% VDH


At this moment there’s only 2 tanks that needs buff, warrior and dk were overnerferd, they just need buff and that’s all. Other tanks like Paladin and Druid are lacking in utilities like dash or “stable” defensive.

Warrior still to this day the only tank which has not timed a +20…


The problem with meta tanks, however, is that you get a lot of people playing them just because they read that article while not yet actually having skill on them, since it’s a fresh reroll.

Now, of course, I have nothing against new people getting into tanking! Just saying that the meta can end up being a sort of a self-fulfilling skew. And yes, DH tanks at the moment are rather strong since everyone else needs to kite or die.

I don’t get why people fixate on top 100%. It matters only if you are doing 20s or competing in MDI. Otherwise all tanks are good.

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Because they think that’s where they will find easy answers and if they just imitate what “top 100” are doing, they’ll become awesome too.

That’s just the human condition, it seems.

There’s another reason why tanks are so heavily weighted towards DH and that’s havoc being made so horrible to play. I know plenty of people who don’t want to give up their DH so have switched from dps to tank. I used to play both pretty much equally, but I almost exclusively tank now. I only play havoc if my friends need someone for a low key and I can’t be bothered switching to my hunter.

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Ah, fair point there.

Well everyone complained about havoc DH so it was nerfed into the ground, so of course the only other spec has to be OP. There’s no way they’re going to nerf vengeance without buffing havoc, so be careful what you wish for.

Even on m+15 (for KSM and mount), almost half of all played tanks are Vengeance DH, so some tuning wouldn’t be wrong.

Speaking as a healer, lolno.

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If you want vengeance nerfed then go make threads begging them to buff havoc. Zero chance they’ll nerf vengeance with havoc in this garbage state because many DH will just quit.

He meant, all tank classes can tank well enough. Of course, a lot of tanks are not good, and the runs become a nightmare to heal, but that’s just how it is.

Always figured having only two specializations for a class was a big mistake.

I never wanted this DH class, so every quitting DH is fine for me, but I have no problem when they take some power from Vengeance and give it to the Havoc.

I really enjoy Prot paladin. Got really solid tanking.
But i really wish they’d extend the lenght of “Shield of righteousness” armor buff.
Having it at like 4.5secs and giving so much armor, you have to maintain it high, but when you kite or might need to selfheal, stuff is gone.

You can stack it, which is nice to a certan amount of seconds. But you won’t get free SoR procs that often.

It’s just really annoying to maintain and lasts way to short.

They should not even touch vengence, this spec is balanced just other tanks were overnerfed and they made dungeons that tank gets the same damage like dps. In Bfa tanks were “too tanky” so they nerfed it. If you nerf vengence then you wont have any good tank who will be able to perform against tyranical and magic dmg. In current meta it’s hard for healer to heal tank and they have also dpses.

  • They ruined everything with very low loot drop.