[N-RP-DRUID] Dreamers Disaster 🌿

Hi all,

Major spoiler event I would like to host based on the Dreamer Chapter on the Dragonflight campaign.

If you’ve not completed the chapter yet and don’t want to know what it entails, please don’t continue reading unless you’re fine with spoilers.

This is a 2 night event that is for Druids only, for both Horde and Alliance.

An in-game community has been created to allow cross rp raids / groups etc.

The event is open to any Druid, part of the Cenarion Circle or not.

I’m looking for between 10-20 Druids to join (ideally not all of just one faction, a nice representation of blue and red would be good to see).

If you’ve not completed the chapter, you may be wondering why the event is only for Druids, lore wise, I think it’s appropriate to keep to only this class and due to this we may as well use class specific mechanics such as the Dream Portals in game.

As I’m obviously Horde, raid markers will be used, but if any Alliance player is willing to drop raid markers for Alliance rp’ers, I can send screenshots.

The game community link to allow us to do /rw etc is below;


Please can you reply below if you’re interested and I’ll update the list and will know who to send invites to.

To give people time to complete the chapter, if they would like to join, the 2 night event would be on the 2 dates at the bottom of this post and likely to last between 2 - 2.5hrs (dependent on event circumstances),


The Dreaming realm shudders as a gust of cold wind spreads through the Emerald fields and across the Dreamscape. Within the Emerald realm, the leaves shudder and Dreamway Whelps scatter. Wisps within the realm flee and across the landscape Dryad’s and Sprite’s bodies litter the verdant fields and great cats and bear spirits are frozen in great ice blocks.

The clarion has been rung and the Cenarions have called all able Druids to their side, whether they be a part of the organisation or not.

Within your dreams you receive a vision, in this vision you see the great Dream Portals, most of which have been frozen over with great powerful magic. The images phase in a hazy manner from your view, moving from scene to scene, until finally a single Dream Portal becomes clear, the portal located within Feralas.

The clarion sounds louder within your mind and a great roar emanates from the image.

The time has come for the Cenarions and all Druids to march. March to aid the Green Dragonflight in defending the Dreaming realm.

Spoiler info

The 2 night event will not be directly involved with the Dreamer chapter in game and will take place in a different part of the Emerald Dream. My justification is that the Primalists in game were said to have been flooding into the dream itself, so stretching this slightly seems plausible to me. Consider the 2 night event a side quest to the main storyline. It seems a shame to miss an opportunity like this for Druids (cross faction) and so, before the next update comes along and this chapter becomes irrelevant, I thought it would be nice to do something with it).

Event details:
20th February - 8:30pm game time.
23rd February - 8:30pm game time.

Start Location:
The Dream Portal in Feralas has been chosen as it seems a good location where both Horde and Alliance Druids can be found (whether they are affiliated with the Cenarion Circle or not) and it is where the event shall begin.

Additional info

When in the Dreamway, we will rp out the other Dream Portals being doors to go deeper into the Dream realm rather than back into the real world.

Sign ups:
Treelos (tentative)
Dryad Shaldria (Thatdruid)

Any questions, please feel free to ask.


This looks really neat. I would like to join, I can also provide a druid of any race or faction if the numbers are very one sided :slight_smile:


That’s brilliant and thank you :smiley:
Also, welcome onboard! :herb: :deciduous_tree: :leaves:


I might be able to show up on my dryad to provide aid :deer:


Great initiative! Always love seeing Cenarion, Druid and Emerald Dream rp!

I might join up on my druid, Treelos! But I need to have to check my workcalendar when I get back from vacation in 10 days first! So its a maybe from me for now! :slight_smile:


Makes sense lore wise :smiley:
Let me know if you’d like to add to the list above!

More than happy to add as tentative on the first post!


Yes feel free to add me


DRUID rp???

i pour it into my chalice and sip

(please can you sign me up please …) xoxo


All added :smiley: :deciduous_tree: :herb:


Honestly what a privilege to see Aln active in RP again. Hope the campaign’s a real success.


god if kother is going, loved that guy when I rped with him,

always did the craziest druid rp

(sign me up)


My IC name is Dryad Shaldria

Added on :smiley:

Welcome onboard :smiley:

Hopefully we’ll get a few more Horde Druids signing up soon :smiley: :pray:

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Shameless bump for the event.

We’ve still places available for Druids if they’d like to join!

I am uncertain what working hours I have that week… but in case the hours work out, I’d like to sign up as well.

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Added on and welcome :smiley:

Reminder that this is this is coming up this Tuesday, 20th Feb.

Still some spaces left if anyone would like to join :smiley:


im so ready

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I’m coming tonight, on my Druid! :smiley:

Afternoon all.

With massive regret, I’m gonna have to push back the event to Thursday and Saturday if that is okay?

Unfortunately my nephew was playing football and broke his foot, so we’re getting to know the A&E staff quite well and we think it will be many more hours yet until we can get something done :person_facepalming:

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