[N-RP] Raven's Riches: Uldum (TODAY 18:00 - 20:00)

This advertisement could have been noticed around Alliance, Horde and neutral (such as Booty Bay) cities.

“Raven’s Riches” provides amulets, herbs, potions, enchants, scrolls and much more to anyone interested, and can always get something out of stock for a fair price.

Interested in goods or services from experienced crafters? Have something to sell? or looking for a promising but dangerous job?

Then come and see us! Now all over Azeroth!

OOC Info

Raven’s Riches is a small shop, which trades different kinds of goods, from herbs and potions to amulets and the likes. (Or, if there’s no item you are interested in the stock, we can try to get it).

Current Timetable

  • 28th February - Uldum
  • 7th March - Orgrimmar
  • 14th March - Booty Bay
  • 21st March - Stormwind
  • 28th March - Uldum

The exact locations of the shop: https://imgur.com/a/GbMGUDl

Current Exclusives

"Thrall’s Armour"
Unique - 1 item (trp3 item included)
Price: Expensive
Description: A rather accurate replica of widely known Doomhammer’s armour, the one Thrall used in the time he was a Warchief. It is complected with a small crystal and enchanted to hover behind the owner of the said crystal
Reference: Winter Rageling is used to represent it in-game

Raven’s Defence Armour
Unique - 1 item (trp3 item included)
Price: Expensive
Description: Dark purple armour has raven themed ornaments around the shoulders and the chest. In addition to the armour being made from a quality plate, it is blessed with fortitude, helping the wearer to withstand everything happening on the battlefield.
Reference: Brutal Gladiator’s Plate Armor or any dark armour you can get

New non-exclusive items

Beneficial potions

Invigorating Potion
Price: Modest
Description: The potion “unlocks” hidden reserves of the body, allowing you to act swifter and for longer times. Overdose leads to restlessness and insomnia.

Poisons and Venoms

Name: “Sting”
Price: Expensive
Description: Well-suited to put as an ointment for a weapon, once it gets into blood, affects the victim similar to scorpion poison. Symptoms include but not limited to: breathing and moving difficulty, sweating and nausea.
Note: There is an antidote in stock

More info and the list of goods: https://tinyurl.com/raven-shop

Who to contact:
Daerron [A]/Dharrach[H] (Kariota#2481 - battle-tag, Kariota#6091 - discord tag); Sthaliel[A]/Caleirn[H] (Cowworth#2101 - battle-tag); Cyliene[A]/Thaeliandra[H]

Morning all!
This is your friendly reminder that Raven’s Riches will be returning to Booty Bay at 18:00 server time tonight! Our current exclusive for tonight is the Mirror of The True Path, which you can find out more about within the shop list linked in the above post.
Hope to see you tonight!

Raven’s Riches arrive today to Uldum (Mar’at Village) at the usual time. No new exclusives for today but we still have plenty of goods which you can see in our list!
Hope to see you today!

Hi all!
I just want to make the announcement that Raven’s Riches will be taking the week off this week due to Christmas Day coming around pretty soon, so enjoy the holidays! Furthermore, we have updated our schedule for the shop after this week. Please refer to the topmost post.
Happy holidays to you all! Hope you receive a memorable gift.

Hello everyone!
Raven’s Riches greets you for the first time this year and announces that we arrive to Orgrimmar today, with a new exclusive item. See the top post for more information about it and our next destinations.
Looking forward to meeting you!

Hello again all!
Raven’s Riches will be coming into Stormwind later today, and while there will be no new exclusive for now, the previously back-shelved Mirror of the True Path will be back on sale, due to the original buyer not coming to collect it last week. You may refer to the details in the list link above.
We hope to meet you again soon!

Raven’s Riches return to Booty Bay with our usual stock of goods and previously present exclusives! Make sure not to miss them!
Looking forward to meeting you!

The Raven’s Riches business will be attending Uldum tonight within the town of Mar’at with our usual stock of wares and exclusives!
Hoping to see you soon and have a wonderous time!

Raven’s Riches return to Orgrimmar today with our usual stock. See the opening message for the timetable for the rest of the month.
See you soon!

Good morning!
Raven’s Riches is returning to Stormwind later today with the usual stock as before. As always, the location schedule for each week of the month, and the list is on the top post!
We will see you again soon!

Raven’s Riches return to Booty Bay today at their usual time! See the top post for the schedule for the rest of the month.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Good morning once again Argent Dawn!
Later tonight, we will be heading on over to Pandaria in the Jade Forest to collectively celebrate the Love Festival with its organisers at 20:00 server time!

You can find more details about it through this link here: https://www.argentarchives.org/node/197113

We have also added new exclusives we recommend you check out! We hope to see you there later today. Happy shopping!

Hello again!
Raven’s Riches attends Uldum tonight with our usual stock of goods and a portion of new exclusive and not items!

In addition to that our timetable is updated for the next month.

Looking forward to seeing you!