[N-RP] Rei's Cooking Class 🍔

Food can bring back precious memories… And create new ones!

The resident food fanatic and booze aficionado, Rei Winterbrew, is happy to announce that once a month she will be hosting culinary classes open to all interested visitors. Come to the Halfhill Market in Pandaria and learn how to prepare iconic dishes, explore beautiful desserts, delight in fancy cocktails, and let aromatic stews warm your heart!

Hello there!

I would like to introduce yet another open RP initiative! I love RP. I love food. It was inevitable that these two passions would eventually meet halfway, and the result is here: Rei’s Cooking Class, a monthly cooking-themed neutral open RP event. Every month the participants will learn how to prepare a certain number of dishes, depending on (IC) difficulty and (OOC) time.

WHEN: Every last Tuesday of the month at 20:00 Server Time.
WHERE: Halfhill Market in the Valley of the Four Winds in Pandaria.

Hey, guess what?
The recipes Rei shares during her classes are all legit! You can use them in your own kitchen and enjoy the same dishes your character had…! Well, mostly, as for some unfathomable reason troll tenderloin is infernally difficult to find at supermarkets.

Bon appetit! :wine_glass:


this would mean I have to cancel every 4th event of mine

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Quick note: due to some really poor timing regarding prepatch/expansion launch, I have decided to push the Cooking Class to January 2021 (because it’s difficult to cook when things go down and undead visitors invade your kitchen, you see).

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I don’t want to hijack your nice food thread, but maybe, if you want, I could come by, one of those Wednesdays, and teach how to make grilled, life-size carrot skulls…

I won an honorable mention in a cooking contest once.

At least that’s how I remember it…


2021 draws near… And with it, excellent food. :eyes:

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Just making sure this doesn’t go poof. 8)


Recipe list: prepared.
Knives: sharpened.
Troll chunks: acquisition in progress–I mean, reminder that the cooking class will be ready for business in just a month. :eyes:


is it finally hapening?

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Yes! In this lovely (?) year of 2021, Rei’s Cooking Class is going to have an official launch on the last Wednesday of the month. :bread:


3 days left

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Another installment of the event coming right up. Note: starting from March the event will be migrating to Tuesdays to better fit my schedule! This month’s event is still on Wednesday, though.