N-Zoth should be a continent


N’Zoth should raise from the Sea and be the size of Nazjatar but his tentacles making him the size of Northrend on the map.

Nya’lotha should be located on his body and the idea is we must be travel and land on his body and take over the city in order to go into the “heart of N’zoth” (the raid), where he battle his organs in order to kill him.

Literally every mob on the “island” would be old god related and essentially be part of him, meaning that in lore wise, Thousands of soldiers would be battling N’Zoth outside while the most powerful heroes go inside him to defeat him from the inside.

Imagine the excitement of the cut scene of flying above N’Zoth as he rises from the Sea and his tentacles swinging from the Sea level up into the clouds while the horde and alliance ships are swerving out the way and we are forced to dive off the ships to land ontop of him to secure a position.

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You think N’zoth is another Shen-zin-su? ( Aka the wandering isle )
We and the others won’t be able to land safely on his body. Even if we did too many will hear and succumb to his whispers. Yes his body may be the size of northrend but that doesn’t mean there are resources to build strongholds and garrisons to battle him and his minions. We will be just to his skin. and he can get rid of us easily at this point. So landing on N’zoth as an idea is pretty bad and stupid.


Why would he surface to begin with?

We cant reach so far down underwater. We only reached his prison cause Azshara allowed us to.

He is perfectly safe underwater drinking tea and slowly corrupting everyone


The Old Gods are vast, but they are not continent sized sadly. They are described as ‘mountains of blighted flesh and writing tentacles’ but they very much embedded themselves in and upon Azeroth, they did not crush its continents/form them beneath their bulk. Your idea still has merit, but at the very best they would be the size of a zone as opposed to an entire Northrend-sized continent.


Do you seriously expect logic behind certain events? :slight_smile:
It could be boring for him down there…

Tea does not taste well in salty water. There is your reason to arise. So many years of drinking salty tea can have some impact on on his mental health.

A continent is the only thing we did not raid now. Sounds legit.

I, personally like the Idea. Esp goblins “mining” his body for resources. Reminds me of Knowhere

PoE much? :smiley:

“Come on Heroes! STRIKE NOW! TOGETHER”

  • ROGUES! Poison his liver! Kidney shot rota NOW!
  • DKs! Heat on! Boil his blood!
  • Warlocks, DHs! Make… wait… he has no soul… chill out.


So you think the most cunning of the old gods on Azeroth would rise up from underground/under the sea and fully let his body be laid available for any adventurers to take a swim and chop off his tentacles… yeah somethings sound cool af… but also wouldn’t make an ounce of sense :stuck_out_tongue:

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