Names on Pyrewood Village

(Meowingtons) #3

I just rly need to group up with the person that took Sandwich. :smiley:

(Humane) #5

Hunter - Hunting
Bank toon - Banktoon


For anyone who didn’t manage to get their names reserved and is looking to possibly find who took them and try to exchange/trade them, here’s the thread:


Nelf druid - Anesthetica
Dwarf priest - Sawbones
Nelf hunter - Allorion (just like 15 years ago)

Think i’m satisfied.=)


Dlock the orc lock, prepare your anuses

(Arding) #9



Undea lok Prophet

Orc hunter Keres

and an undead mage how will remain annoymous

(Tanvar) #11



LF whoever got “Ryn” on Pyrewood - trading “Anathema” (Pyrewood) for it


Meowingtons what are you doing here !? Get back to Silvermoon.

I got Nelf priest “Socrates”. I’ll see you around!




Valkyrie - warrior
Feardotcom - warlock
Distiny - druid

(Samkelly) #16

Kivember- Undead Warlock
Kellion- Undead Priest
Atriox- T Druid


Prophet ised to be a good ud mage on khadgar…


I will be Ooma, Priest and Evilyn, Warlock

(Hottage) #19

I will be Hottage.

I’m not very creative with names.

(Ogreshoot) #20

Bloodlust - Tauren Shaman
Frostnova - Gnome Mage


Holy Priest Undead Fotofobica (Fotophobic). Oh, the irony.


I’d love to get Elyria on Pyrewood, dunno who knicked it :slight_smile:

I’ll be Ely

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