Nathanos vs Thrall

(Zarao) #57


Nathanos has been created in a more realistic soldier type of character. A pretty good soldier and an effective operative.

But Thrall is one of those plot power houses that wields the cosmic energies of the whole planet and blah blah blah…
Don’t want to get into my personal bias regarding how I feel about said kind of characters, but they are indeed written to be extremely powerful.
They must, as they are often given roles of supreme command over world ending threats, soloing entire evil armies, and all that drivel.

Yeah, I rather they had stayed with Thrall the Lord of Clans, and left Go’el the World Shaman out.
But definetly, current Thrall would easily own most of the more grounded and “realistic” (as realistic as an upgraded undead can be) characters such as Nathanos.

(Tbh, what I said about Go’el applies to Tyrande, Malfurion, Jaina, BfA Sylvanas, etc.)

(Keydiam) #58

Nathanos’s bow and his axes serve as a power limiter as he’s actually not skilled with either of them. But, if he would not use them the fights would be over far too quickly and be not enjoyable at all for him.

(Halasibel) #59

Nathanos could bake a cake in the freezer.

(Aldith) #60

But has he eaten Snark-Snark Fruit?

Last we saw the guy Thrall was depressed regular orc since elements didn’t answer his call any longer so bow and accurate aim should be able to take care of a single orc.

(Zarao) #61

A temporary depressed state isn’t really that relevant in a hypothetical 1v1.
Doubt Thrall would let Nathanos kill him because he’s sad.

(Aldith) #62

Still without his elements he’s regular orc and a bow can kill a regular orc. Thrall is some what good fighter, from his gladiator days, but clearly Shamanism has been where he has focused upon so it wouldn’t be surprising that most of his actual fighting skills have gotten rusty since he has relied upon the elements so much.


Garrosh did famously highlight that Thrall is no warrior without his Elements. Thankfully, that was a great flaw to exploit.

As for Nathanos, I don’t think his Bankai would be anything of the sort of power. It would be his near-impeccable ability to appear anywhere in the world and look impassive whilst doing so.

Eyes narrow at Tyrande and Malfurion in Darkshore…

5 seconds later

Eyes narrow at Jaina in Dazar’alor…

(Erevien) #64

He used to be much better but grew lazy during his leadership since he became diplomatic incarnation.

(Halasibel) #65

That is because usually time waits for no man…

But it does if that man is Nathanos.

(Zarao) #66

You’d genuinely think that Nathanos, in all seriousness, would best Thrall in a one on one combat?

Even if handicapped, mediocre shamanism still got Thrall to be one of the best fighters during his young times as simple Lord of Clans.
Now, he is just a powerhouse.

You’d need to assume his connection with the elements had been completely nullified for a claim of inability to work. And still you’d get someone that took on several hits of Legion spaceships head on.

That’s because character hating aside, Garrosh was described as an exceptionally talented warrior.

(Zarao) #67

It’s safe to assume that several days have passed between one thing and another.
The one in charge of Darkshore is Sira, not Nathanos.

Also, portals, while inefficient to transport entire armies, are quite useful to move single figureheads around.
And this isn’t only about ingame mechanics, but a resource deployed in narrative pieces such as War Crimes (that has witnesses, accuser and defender), moving around thanks to a Pandaren Mage that opened them a portal towards wherever they wanted to go.

So, if we are even to assume there was no time gap between Dazar’alor and Darkshore (unlikely), the portal resource that is currently deployed in both places gives us ample reasoning regarding how plausible it might be for him to be present at some point in both places.


Not gonna lie. Your former reason is more bearable than the latter.

Few things personally gets my gripe in story more than: “Magic did it” as an excuse for not fleshing or bothering to reveal how things work.

(Zarao) #69

Personally, I agree.

Specially if even those moments are randomly dropped when they clash against writers convenience.
Not even Magic Did It is consistent enough to not be dropped when another more conventional method is required to deliver additional shock value or a more specific narrative.

Edit: But going back to Nathanos, I do feel that stuff can be reasoned in order to explain his presence. Regardless of how disliked said fact is from a personal players perspective (because of a underlying distaste for the character, plot, or whatever).


Probably My man would one shot Sylvanas’s lackey.

(Papudeath) #71

Dunno, are we comparing Peak Thrall vs Peak Nathanos or the current versions of both characters? Because as far as I’m concerned, Thrall lost a lot of his power after his duel with Garrosh and even gave doomhammer away, so he’s not really pimping anymore. On the other hand, Nathanos isn’t that powerful either. He would be better for assassinating people.

Don’t think there has been any explanation on how much of his elemental power Thrall retains now, so I’d say the match is inconclusive. Peak Thrall vs Peak Nathanos though, it’s a stomp for Thrall. Not even fair.

(Halasibel) #72

When Nathanos does push-ups, he doesn’t push himself from the ground but he pushes Azeroth away!


Bolvar may say that Nathanos accomplishments were unprecedented, but what accompishments were those? How exactly was he responsible for the tactical victories that are attributed to him and what exact role did he play in them? He was a ranger-lord but that appointment was controversial. What exactly has Nathanos accomplished except being a snide a** who’s good with a bow and may know some tactics.

(Seffi) #74

until Anduin shows up and gives Nathanos a kiss on the cheek, and then Nathanos blows up in to a milljon holy butterflies.

(Durlan) #75

Nathanos don’t do Push ups.
Push ups tries to reach his level.

(Halasibel) #76

Nathanos can touch MC Hammer.