Naxxramas Testing Begins 23 June

We intend to open the Season of Mastery 1.14.3 public test realm at 21:00 CEST on Thursday, June 23.

Thanks to everyone who joins us in testing Naxx!

Two things that have been bugged in Era since SoM started has been:
1.) On Kel’thuzad when the shaddow fissure comes, the visual effect is to small making it hard to see where the edge really is. This worked as intended in classic pre TBC, but got bugged with Era.
2.) On the Sappiron fight Sapphiron did not go in to air phase when having less than 20%HP left in classic pre tbc. Now in Era it can go in to air phase whenever like at 5% left.

I can not test it myself, but these two things should be tested for in SoM to not get messed up fights.