Naz'jatar should have been underwater zone

(Benjamin) #1

Think about it, it is aquatic by nature and has tons of nagaz.

The zone is very beautiful, the music is astonishing, and the attention to details that was put in there is quiet remarkable.

When I saw the introduction cutscene I thought this was going to be Vash’jir 2.0.

Then the disappointment came. I kept hoping Azshara would collapse the oceans and we will get underwater magic spell to continue our journey.

Naz’jatar being a huge maze for me to travel does not make this thought just go away. Everything is so scatter.

Oh, and if it was underwater we probably would not see that abomination jumping jelly fish WQ.

So yea, it should have been underwater zone, huge missed opportunity IMO.

(Punyelf) #2

Many didn’t like the last underwater zone we had. I’m guessing that’s why.

(Cedrad) #3

Plenty of people hated Vash’jir because it was underwater. And that meant moving in 3 dimension all the time and paying attention to the enemies not might swim above or below you.


I dislike underwater zones on WoW due to how our characters move and AOE placement, etc. It would be great lore-wise though.


I’ve never understood why this is the case. Vashj’ir was easily one of the better zones in Cataclysm in my opinion, in terms of story, aesthetics and mechanics. I think Vashj’ir was excellently done.

(Tèsla) #6

Its true. But probably tgey could have split the xone in 2. One like now and one underwater. Just to add spice to tge game.
We have mechagon that is fun. And nazjatar that is the same old soup…


Everytime i step in Vashj’ir i hear “Fortunate son” playing in the background.

Never again.


personally, I loved vashjar (or whatever its called) but many didn’t so that’s why… easy really

(Yinghei) #9

Just finished leveling one of my alts through Vashj’ir, 80-92, and Id forgotten how much I enjoyed it.
Added advantage of being able to use my sea ray mount and breathe underwater too!LOL

(Alexima) #10

slow moving around. You need an aquatic mount, it would make flying irrelevant.

A bunch of problems to begin with.

However, It would have been nice to have some underwater parts in nazjatar. Other than eternal palace entrance that is.


“Players entering Nazjatar will wear heavy boots to keep them grounded on the ocean floor. We’re trusting you to keep your boots on and not take them off and swim around, until you’ve done chores for two weeks. We’ll be very cross if people take off their heavy boots and start swimming before doing the work to earn earn the ‘Right To Take Off Your Boots’ swimming certificate”.


Aye, it seems a bit like Ashara is shooting herself and her naga in the proverbial knee by having Naz’jatar a land-based zone. She has domination of the sea but grants an advantage to her enemies?

I hate when games or other media have the enemy in a position to kill us all at any moment but does nothing for some dumb personal egotistical reason until its too late and they are surprised that we kill them! Honestly, collapse the walls, flood the zones and take out a great number of your enemies.

Naz’jatar should have been underwater. We should have been forced to “walk” on the seabed due to whatever water-breathing spell we used to function down there causing us to be heavier or something. Movement would be normal but you could turn off the spell and start to swim up… but at a cost of becoming tempting pray to some sort of monster fish in the depths!

“Underwater Flying” could be the licence we get for Naz’jatar but only happen when in that zone. Flying would be normal but underwater and you’d not be instantly murdered by the murder fish for being too far off the seabed! A similar “Flight Clearance” in Mechagon.

(Kaisena) #13

Every person that i talked to about Vash’ir enjoyed the zone.

This “players hated the zone” is nothing more then a small vocal minority that is trying to force their opinion.

Naz’jatar should indeed be an underwater zone with flying enabled from the start in the form of swimming. In that way players would enjoy have flight in one way and not get frustrated with the mob density as they are now,while at the same time still grind rep to enable actual flying in the other BFA zones.

(Hínáta) #14

I don’t really understand what’s the night elves and being superbly lacking in intelligence, I guess it’s a racial trait that Night elves and " High born " are dumb or it’s that they grow senile as they age.

Sure shes " using us for her amusement and all " which is a typical villain thing before they pull a pikacho face when they’re being slain, but really… this has to be next level I’ma just do something dumb to give you an advantage.

I always admired Warcraft’s story writing and lore, but I just can’t get behind this.

(Someoneelse) #15

While I personally loved Vashj’ir, 3d combat was not fun. Most people detested it.

They made the correct decision.


Vash’jr was alright because it was a levelling zone and most of the time you did not need to use most of your abilities to get through it, realistically nazjatar is a huge aoe fest most of the time and any ground effects be it healing or damage are incredibly wonky or flat out do not work. Frostmages cant Blizzard properly, Destruction warlocks cant Rain of Fire properly, warlock gates are borked, as is heroic leap for warriors, grappling hook for rogues, ring of peace for monks and so forth. The underwater boss will be essentially a loot pinata for the very same reason.

It would probably be nicer to look at but just not be functional as an endgame zone.



Lot of people forgetting we had one in Cata :slight_smile:

That said, I liked that zone. Once you realised you got a speed buff and waterbreathing within the first few quests, it became a really interesting space with full 3-dimensional freedom. I’d have welcomed another like it.


Actually you know what? Nail on the head. Round up and AoE does not work well in water when you can only target a solid ground surface.


I enjoyed Vash. I really did. Once.

Now, I send alts through the opening quests to get Sea Legs in case they ever need to swim to Throne or something, and that’s it. When it comes to level 80 questing, it’s now Hyjal all the way. (Er, now Jade Forest works too.)

Underwater can be an interesting and immersive change of pace, but it’s not the environment you want for quick back-and-forth dashing around between world quests.


Straight to Pandaria and don’t look back :wink:

No really, I’m happy I have literally no reason to do Deepholme ever again. It’s not that it was ugly, it just gave me SAD due to lack of sunlight.