Naz'jatar should have been underwater zone

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I have a sneaking suspicion that she’s helping us somehow while still playing a role for N’zoth. Idk, I might be wrong.

Vash’ijr was amazing, but the whole 3d movement works kinda clunky in wow. They should’ve added more creepy underwater places though, like that lava pool with underlight fishes, I enjoy exploring those types of corners with my underwater breathing undead.

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Nah, I just stick to Cata -> WOD.

Now I can pretend like Pandas never happened.


I understand the sentiment of AoE placing as a mage, I really do.

Still vashjir was very lore heavy and had a great atmosphere. But i also understand why its not underwater. Because by that same logic the entire raid should be underwater.

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I liked Vash’jir but for one problem. It needed stereoscopic 3D to work properly. I found was constantly moving the camera to be able to tell where anything was. That was the only issue for me as far as underwater goes. There were bugs too obviously but generally it was a good zone. One of the better ones in the entire game I’d say.


I am still in denial tbh…


This is the reason…

People complained about Vashj’ir to no end back in Cata…

I personally liked it because it was different, but a lot of people didn’t enjoy it.

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I tended to go there because it was less crowded.

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What logic is that? You do know Vashj’ir had a dungeon and it was not underwater? It also had a raid that got cancelled that was not also underwater.

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