Nazmir Questline

How is any character (that did Nazmir questline) going to EVER pay Bwonsamdi one million souls? Or is it a collective debt kind of thing?

When you play a priest you die so much we get a discount. Don’t know about other classes.

Hopefully there will be a quest in the next expac or patch that will let whoever took it pay it some other way than to actually kill one million things

I remember doing this quest recently, the ritual gets interrupted, so technically…
Also there was never anything said about what kind of souls, like do critters count?
1 million critters wouldn’t take too long to send :smiley:

If you open you your Achievement window ingame, there’s a Statistics tab at the bottom, there’s a total kill counter in there if you were interested in just how many things your character had killed.
How close are you to 1 million? :thinking:

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Blizzard, proudly raising psychopathic killers since 2004 :japanese_goblin::hocho::skull:

Total Kills: 268561

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Looks like I’d have paid him back twice already.
2,072,366 kills of which 1,084,608 granted exp or honor.

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I really wish people wouldn’t ask these sorts of question… Curiosity will always get the better of me.

And in case you’re wondering… 1,407,980 kills, 713,978 of which granted XP/Honour, 547,420 were Humanoid (sociopath confirmed) and 45,253 were critters.

So yeah I think I’ve done my bit for ol’Bwonsamdi.

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Well bwomsandi never said what kind of soul u have to gather… time to cleanse goldshire

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