Necro-Lord Warrior damagea

from 80k shattering throws, to 50k executes, to 30k mortal strikes. This is beyond a joke now.

Just how about holinka you do your job and throw some frigging nerfs…

A start would be the damage of Shattering throw simply remove and it’s now just a dispel for shields

Execute and Mortal Strike could probably use a 5-10% nerf across all covenants and Necro Banner reduced by 33% in arena.


As you wish!
Abra-Kadabra “pshhhhhhhh” nerfed - check it.


Shattering throw does not work like that. It does close to no dmg after removing shield/absorb/immunity. The 500% increase is ONLY applied when damaging a shield.

As for the 50k executes, idk if thats actually possible.

Maybe into a clothie who does not have all that much vers? Doesn’t sound impossible.

I took a 38k today, I prefade the go at 90% hp and then MD my healer before the cast was off I was dead.

Definitely doable with skyfury or dark arch etc…

ye skyfury will do it …

Can confirm. Only got one shot. No 50K overkill anymore.

This is not actually true, there exists an interaction to make it shatter health damage too

On my war in full duelist gear 36k is my all time highest in 2s, but im fae so only get 12% mastery boost.

I suppose necro banner + skyfury might do the trick, but still gotta be extremely rare. I mean, when a war uses avatar, warbreaker, banner and skyfury is up…you sure as hell dont wanna sit toe to toe and facetank with no wall up.

Yes, it does damage on health pool as well, but the code is written in such a way that when the shield is chipped away the remaining damage is applied without modifier.

Nope, that ain’t true

You can quite literally hit somebody for 40k to their health

So essentially, hit shield untill its almost gone, then pop everything you got and blast them to oblivion with shatter? Actually never tried such a trick, but gotta try it now!

I cant believe that is intended

Edit: as mentioned, im not necro, but should still be able to hit hard.

With alot of modifier yes and he got lucky to get a proc insta too but actually it’s still ridiculous to do this dmg while you got outplay on your go.

Yeah obviously i can agree on that. But when someone says they get deleted by such execute dmg virtually all the time against wars…that is simply not true

No for sure, I mean tbh it’s the same for all classes (except ww I guess).

Yeah that is also true.

I would argue WW has the most potential for doing such an absurd ammount of dmg in a global. Against other classes, you at the very least can understand in retrospect what actually went down

I’ll tell you the interaction here, considering I’ve theorycrafted it with a few other warrs and it’s spread like wildfire, I suppose it’s only fair people at least know how it works.

Shatter is indeed coded to stop damage beyond a shield’s value, if you throw a 3k dmg baseline Shatter, and amp it with Avatar, DW, CS and necro banner, it’ll result on something like 8k Shatter. With 1000% amplification from Demolition, you’ll hit for 80k damage in total.
Say you throw this Shatter into a 10k shield, you’ll deal 10k damage and the remaining 70k damage is lost.

However, it is possible to push this cap up so you can retrieve some of the lost damage back. The way it works now, your total damage amplification (Warbreaker, Avatar and Deep Wounds), mark a cap for how much additional damage you can do.

For an example, if you use the three abilities mention above, and have about 25% mastery, you’ll have a total 1.2 * 1.3 * 1.25 = 1.95 multiplication, or 95% increased damage.
This 95% amplification in addition now also marks how much health you can shatter beyond a shield.
If a warlock shields himself for 40k with Dark Pact, you can use your 80k Shatter to do up to 95% of those 40k, resulting in the 40k shield being shattered and 38k damage being dealt to health, and only the last 2k are lost.

Kind of a complicated explanation, but it’s the simplest version I can come up with.

I still dont understand how the 95% amplification suddenly applies to dmg beyond shield? I get the maths here, but it sounds like this cannot be intended.

Gonna duel someone and test it out.

It’s most likely not intended, but it works this way every time

This makes Demolition a cool talent versus Priests then. Shatter a PW:S when the guy is struggling in Dampening into an Execute, he dies.