Need a new monitor for Classic. Any recommendations?

I’m no expert so please don’t take my statements as fact.

You are right about the TN vs IPS panels, from my limited experience IPS in that price range isn’t worth it while you can get some pretty good TN for that price.

HDMI 2.0 can support 144hz but that both push up the price and isn’t really that important for a game like WoW (but really worth it in general). I THINK 1060 can run a 144hz screen through HDMI 2.0. Look it up.

A lot of people I know really like 27" screens and I bet it’s awesome for WoW, personally I use a BenQ 24" XL2411 (which is pretty old right now) which I am really happy with. The later version of these are unfortunately a bit more pricey and go for about 400£.

If you prefer to get something a bit cheaper look up AOC 24" LED 24B1XHS, I use it as my second monitor and it has a really streamlined design and I’m very happy with it in general. I got it for only about 120£ but you can probably get something way better for 200-300£, but it’s good :slight_smile:

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I googled what that was, and yes I agree! Nothing else needed.

I’d say take a look at an Ultrawide Monitor, they are a game changer imo and you should be able to get one within your budget.

best answer given.

WoW looks really good on ultrawide display. You should check those out.

You’re right, there’s room to upgrade to a 21’ CRT at least. Maybe one that can even push 1024x768 resolution. :thinking:


Hi Aerythlea.

You made me remember of my Amiga 500 and my 1084S (Stereo) monitor. The onboard graphics could push 4096 colours at 640X480 res.

To the OP:

Like others said, I recommend you go for an ultrawide monitor.

I am using a 34 inch Acer X 34 3440X1440 monitor. WoW looks awesome in it, and sometimes I completely lose myself as I play Vanilla.

Total immersion.

Do you ever edit photos, or do anything that require color fidelity ? if not get a TN panel they are cheaper and refreshrate/input/all that jazz gamers like are better.

I personally went for an IPS 10bpc screen, so I know you can game on it … if you can game with 60Hz that is :wink:

Depends on what size you want, and what features you prefer compared to others.
My choice would be a 1440p monitor, with 120/144hz if possible, a good monitor can last you years. As much as I like my current 144hz monitor I would probably pick higher resolution today compared to the extra fast refresh rate if I had to pick one of them.

Some examples would be AOC Agon AG241QX, Dell S2719DGF, Acer VG270UP.

HDMI 2.0B in of itself does support things like 4k/60, 1440p/144, 1080p/240. Though, it is not something one should always take as gospel since there are monitors that do not accept these resolutions or refresh rates over HDMI, even if your graphic card supports it. Which makes things a bit trickier. But worth to remember.

60hz vs 144hz doesn’t really matter in WoW. It’s not depending on high FPS and the ability to display it. It’s nice, so if you can, go for it (and yes HDMI can support it), but it’s not super important.

TN vs IPS is a much more important factor. IPS has a much better image quality and colors - there is no comparison. Go for IPS. An alternative is VA, which is also fine for colors. But stay away from TN.

The last factor that I personally find very important is Freesync/Gsync. To have a monitor that adapts to the FPS so you don’t get tearing is to me super important. I get crazy at the tearing in images. In your case Gsync monitors only supported it through Displayport, so go for a Freesync monitor where it also work through HDMI. Luckily you can enable it in nvidia drivers also.

Size is a personal matter entirely. I have gone from 19" to 24" to 27" to 32" and I now consider moving up to 43"… bigger is just better. :smiley:

Ultrawide is nice when it comes to the world you run around in, but then you absolutely need an addon where you can move all the UI objects around. Otherwise you will look at a far away map in a corner out in the side, or try to be a healer with group icons far away to the left… :slight_smile:

I play on a 43″ 3480x1200 reso 32:10 Aspect

My previous screen was a 35 ″ 21:9 3440x1440p, but 43″ 32:10 is so much better

Also tried a 49″but the height was too low for me and the extra wide was unnecessary because it falls outside your field of vision.

Here is mine

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In your budget you’re probably best off sticking to TN, honestly unless you have both monitors next to each other the difference is marginal in terms of colour, there are various options in 1080p, but if you can possibly get a 1440p and or 120hz that really is the sweet spot for gaming, it’s drive-able even in demanding games and cheap enough it wont break the bank. if you get upgrades in the future, it will scale to ultra settings in most tripple a games nicely, my advice would be to save a few pennies for that, or find a good deal.

the only thing i can find in your budget is an amazon co uk deal on
AOC AGON AG241QX 23.8"
which is really a beautiful monitor for the price.

I mean, it’s classic so maybe you’d be better off not getting a new screen. You might actually see how ugly the game was 15 years ago if you do upgrade.


I have 2 x 27" 1440p ips monitor and I’d like to use a dual monitor setup in classic. One for the main view the second for party frames, maps, chats, etc. :smiley:

I’d go as far as to say, i’d snap that up while 15 are still available, infact.
*Edit yes, hdmi 1.0 will not drive 1440/144hz but hdmi 2.0 will. if you’re sure you have hdmi 1.0 and have no intention of upgrading ever then i guess another screen is for you, but this is still a good deal if you do intend to get a better display adapter in future, egpu or a tower build, etc. also you can run lower resolutions at higher fps on this setup too.

*Edit #2 According to nvidia’s specifications for the gtx 1060 the standard hdmi connection does infact support hdmi2.0
Display Support

Maximum Digital Resolution


Standard Display Connectors

DP 1.43, HDMI 2.0b, Dual Link-DVI

Double check your laptop manufacturer’s specs for the port, you might be plesently surprised, the hardware is definitely capable of it, i can’t comment on the implementation though.

Edit #3
According to acer community website, the nitro 5 does, indeed support HDMI 2.0 on both the 1050ti and 1060 models, people are using it to run 4k pannels @ 60 so that means 1440/120 and perhaps 144. my google fu is rusty this shouldn’t have taken so long.

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Hey @Darkrunner

That’s so insipiring man.

What’s your monitor’s make and model? Does this monitor have GSYNC?

Please provide specs so I can buy it next upgrade cycle.

The one i linkend is:
Samsung LC43J890DKU

No Gsync/Freescync, For wow imo not needed, i don’t miss it in wow

Next month I will buy the: Lenovo Legion Y44w-10 my wife will take the Samsung then

Thanks lookin’ at it now.

What’s your GPU?

Sapphire Vega 64 Nitro +, waiting for the Custom 5700XT becouse my wife will take the Vega.